Cybercriminals Target iPhones, iPads And Apple Apps

Trend Micro report into cyber threats finds hackers have targeted Apple’s iOS apps and devices

Apple devices were specifically targeted in 2014 to hack into networks and uncover data to further cyber criminals’ espionage goals, it has been revealed.

Trend Micro’s Targeted Attack Trends 2014 Annual Report found that two iOS apps were used in Operation Pawn Storm – a series of military focused attacks monitored by security software firm Trend Micro.

Stealing data

These apps were able to steal victims’ text messages, contact lists, pictures, geographical location data, audio files, and lists of installed apps.

Other key findings from the annual report include:

– Cybercriminals increasingly adopted techniques commonly associated with targeted attacks, because these proved effective in boosting financial gain. The actors behind Predator Pain and Limitless, for instance, went after SMBs instead of individuals, allowing them to earn as much as $75m in just six months.

cybercrime– Government agencies remained the most favored attack targets in 2014. However, a spike in the number of attacks targeting hardware/software companies, consumer electronics manufacturers and healthcare providers was seen in the second half of the year.

– The US, Russia and China were knocked off the top spot as the favoured choice for targeted attacks. They were replaced by Algeria, Australia and Brazil as the top three countries to communicate with targeted attack command and control (C&C) servers; followed by Canada, China, France, Germany, Ghana, India and Indonesia.

– Australia, Brazil and China had the dubious honour of being the top countries where targeted attack C&C servers were hosted. They were followed by Egypt, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia Ireland, Netherlands and Russia.

Trend Micro’s report provides a detailed breakdown of targeted attack types, new attack techniques being used and particular cases of target attacks analysed last year; including information on attack-related C&C infrastructure monitored.

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