Windows 7

Windows 11 OS Struggles To Crack 1 Percent – Lansweeper

Bad news Redmond. New data from Lansweeper shows sluggish uptake of the Windows 11 operating system, three months after its…

7 days ago

Microsoft Issues Emergency Patch For PrintNightmare Flaw

Emergency patch issued for “PrintNightmare” vulnerability that could allow hackers to remotely seize control of a PC via Print Spooler

7 months ago

Microsoft Pulls Plug On Windows 7 Support From Tuesday

Cyber security agency urges users to avoid using Windows 7 systems to access sensitive data or send emails as Microsoft…

2 years ago

Patch Tuesday Fixes Zero-Day Flaw, As Windows 7 Cut Off Looms

Only one more Patch Tuesday update for Windows 7 users in January 2020, as Microsoft delivers its final security update…

2 years ago

Many Consumers Still Use Unsupported Operating Systems – Kaspersky

The long goodbye. Many consumers can't bear to say goodbye to Windows XP or Windows Vista, Kaspersky finds

2 years ago

Windows 7 Users At Risk From ‘Serious Bug’, Google Warns

Millions of PCs still at risk from vulnerability that is being actively exploited by criminals

3 years ago

Windows Subscribers Given Second Chance For Free Windows 10 Upgrade

Subscribers via Microsoft's Cloud Solution Provider programme get a second chance at free upgrade

5 years ago

It’s Time To Stop Stalling About Upgrading Windows 7 Computers

ANALYSIS: Mainstream support for Windows 7, has already run out and the end of security updates is just three years…

5 years ago

Microsoft Warns Of Windows 7 Security Dangers As Support Draws To A Close

Microsoft calls for action as Windows 7 support set to end in three years

5 years ago

Microsoft Extends Windows 7, 8.1 Support Deadlines

But Redmond insists enterprise customers are moving to Windows 10 faster than any version of Windows

5 years ago

Windows 10 Starts Forcibly Installing Itself On Older PCs

Resistance is futile, it seems, as “recommended update” begins self-installing

6 years ago

Microsoft Calls Time On Windows 7 Sales

All Windows PCs will have to ship with Windows 10 from 2016, Microsoft says

6 years ago

Windows 7, 8.1 Share Rises As XP Falls Ahead Of Windows 10 Launch

Windows users flock to newer versions ahead of free update later this month

7 years ago

Windows XP Usage Finally Starts Dropping, Again

After months of usage increase, XP takes a downward turn, with Windows 7 taking 2 percent rise

7 years ago

Microsoft Pulls Plug On Windows 7 Support

Support for six-year old operating system will end at midnight tonight but security updates will continue

7 years ago

Windows PC Users Can Now Use Microsoft’s Azure Backup

Pay-as-you-go offsite storage comes to Windows 7, Windows 8

7 years ago

Microsoft Reveals Details About The Retirement Of Windows 7

Mainstream support will end next year, but security updates will be provided all the way until 2020

8 years ago

Sales Of Windows 8 ‘Hit 200 Million’

Windows 8 gets more love, but still lags behind Windows 7, Microsoft reveals in a briefing

8 years ago

HP Is Advertising The Benefits Of… Windows 7?

The company has launched a campaign aimed at people who just can’t get to grips with Windows 8

8 years ago

Windows 8 And 8.1 Market Share Passes 10 Percent

Windows 7 continues to lead the way, but Windows XP is still worryingly widespread

8 years ago

Windows 8: What Went Wrong

Windows 8 has not been the PC industry's saviour, nor has it set the tablet world alight. Is this Microsoft's…

9 years ago

Botched Microsoft Windows 7 Security Update Kills Computers

Microsoft tells users to uninstall Patch Tuesday "fix"

9 years ago

Millions Warned As Windows XP Support Ends In One Year

Businesses and individuals facing heightened security risk by not upgrading

9 years ago

Internet Explorer 10 Finally Lands For Windows 7

Better late than never? Windows 7 users finally have the chance to download and run Internet Explorer 10

9 years ago

Windows 8 Market Share Sees Christmas Growth

Windows 8 picked up over Christmas, but is growing slower than Vista did after its launch

9 years ago

Microsoft Offers Up IE10 Preview For Windows 7

Microsoft has made available a preview of its Internet Explorer 10 browser for Windows 7 users

9 years ago

Windows 8 Faces Uneven Sales Takeup, Warns Analyst

An analyst has predicted uneven sales for Windows 8, with strong initial demand followed by a lull

9 years ago

Even Windows 8 Users Prefer Windows 7

More than half of Windows 8 users prefer Windows 7, fearing price and compatibility issues, according to a poll

9 years ago

Windows 7 Market Share Finally Overtakes Windows XP

Windows 7 overtakes Windows XP for the first time, two years after surpassing Vista

9 years ago

1E Claims 39,000 Windows 7 System Upgrades In One Month

A fast Windows 7 upgrade could be useful with XP on death row

9 years ago