EU Urges US To Resume OECD Digital Tax Talks

EU says it still would still prefer to achieve digital tax compromise through OECD, but will push through new measures…

4 weeks ago

US ‘To Allow Companies To Work With Huawei On 5G Standards’

Change comes after earlier US measures against Huawei had backfired, resulting in American companies disengaging from 5G standards processes

2 months ago

US Plots New Huawei Restrictions Amidst China Tension

New restrictions approved by top-level cabinet officials would put Huawei under more pressure, while also hobbling US semiconductor manufacturing companies

4 months ago

ZTE Targeted By New US Corruption Probe

Two years after export ban that nearly destroyed ZTE, US Justice Department now reportedly involved in a new probe into…

5 months ago

Government’s Huawei Decision Faces Parliamentary Inquiry

Commons defence committee now plans to review government's decision to allow Huawei a 5G role, as Conservative rebels seek a…

5 months ago

US Renews Pressure On UK Over Huawei In 5G Networks

Senior US officials say they will continue to work with the UK over finding 5G alternatives, following decision to allow…

6 months ago

EU Looks To Take Lead On Industrial Data

Data and AI strategy set for launch this week advances bloc's efforts to build industrial data powerhouse while fending off…

6 months ago

US-China Huawei Row Overshadows Munich Security Conference

US officials rally support for alternatives to Chinese firm's 5G dominance, while Huawei hits back at new charges and 'lawful…

6 months ago

Government Set To Approve Restricted 5G Role For Huawei

Government decision on Huawei set for Tuesday, as US secretary of state warns Chinese-made 5G equipment puts UK sovereignty at…

7 months ago

US Mounts Final Campaign To Bar Huawei From UK 5G Networks

US delegation set to arrive in UK on Monday, as MI5 chief dismisses risk that allowing Huawei would threaten intelligence…

7 months ago

Gartner Sees Rise In IT Spending Next Year

IT spending in Europe and worldwide seen coming out of slump in 2020 as currency pressure eases – and firms…

9 months ago

Huawei CFO Faces Canadian Court As US-China Row Escalates

Lawyers for detained Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou argue Canadian authorities acted illegally in arresting her at the request…

11 months ago

US Signals Huawei Sales Could Recommence ‘In Two Weeks’

But Chinese firm is already planning massive layoffs at its US research and development subsidiary as trade restrictions bite

1 year ago

US May Seek To Ban China From 5G Supply Chain

Proposal could bar the likes of Nokia and Ericsson from selling next-generation 5G equipment to US telcos if it is…

1 year ago

Alibaba Looks To Hong Kong For £16bn Secondary Share Offer

The Chinese e-commerce giant previously raised $25bn on the New York Stock Exchange in what is still the world's biggest-ever…

1 year ago

US Start-Up Accuses Top Huawei Executive Of Conspiracy To Steal Trade Secrets

The confrontation between Huawei and a start-up co-founded by one of its ex-employees arrives amidst broader trade tensions with China

1 year ago

Draft China Regulations ‘Could Block US Technology’

The proposed cyber security rules could be used to effectively bar US technology imports in retaliation for Huawei sanctions, industry…

1 year ago

Chinese Drones Pose Spying Risk, US Authorities Warn

Drones manufactured or sold by Chinese firms, such as market leader DJI, may pose a risk to national security or…

1 year ago

France Plans 5G Launch For Next Year In Spite Of Trade Turmoil

The country says it is not planning to ban Huawei or any other company, but will make decisions based on…

1 year ago

US Delays Huawei Sanctions, Citing Stability Risk

Google said it would resume working with Huawei after the announcement of the 90-day stay of execution, while Huawei says…

1 year ago

Google Restricts Huawei’s Access To Android After US Blacklisting

Google says it is 'reviewing the implications' of the US ban but that current Huawei Android devices will retain access…

1 year ago

Prague Summit Calls For Tighter 5G Security Rules

The summit does not single out Huawei, but calls for restrictions that take state influence into account

1 year ago

US To Seek Tougher European 5G Security Rules At Prague Summit

The US has said it believes a 'rigorous' application of security rules will effectively mean banning Huawei from next-generation networks

1 year ago

US Defence Department Sees Global Division Over 5G Standards

Military study warns the US may be the only country to widely use the 5G mmWave standard, with the rest…

1 year ago

MWC 2019: Vodafone Chief Lambasts US Calls To Ban Huawei

Excluding Huawei would set Europe's 5G networks back 'two years', says Nick Read, as US senators call for Chinese firm…

1 year ago

NCSC Chief Says Huawei 5G Risk Can Be Mitigated

Ciaran Martin says UK's mitigation strategy for Huawe 'works', in the face of US pressure to ban the company on…

1 year ago

Germany To Consult With Telcos On Huawei Ban

German government seeks response to US pressure to ban Chinese firms from 5G networks as first spectum auctions loom

1 year ago

Huawei Criminal Charges Cast Pall Over US-China Trade Talks

The US allegations arrive as negotiations begin in Washington to ease the escalating trade war

2 years ago

Nvidia Issues Revenue Alert As Trade War Continues

Nvidia has joined Apple and Intel on the list of US companies hit by a slowdown in China amidst bitter…

2 years ago

Chinese Chip Giant Fujian Jinhua To Cease Operations After US Ban

The start-up, founded with massive state investment in 2016, has all but run out of imported materials following the US'…

2 years ago