TikTok Cuts ‘Hundreds’ Of Jobs

TikTok to cut jobs from operations and marketing teams amidst broader ByteDance restructuring, as it faces political tensions in US

1 day ago

TikTok Creators Sue To Block US Divest Or Ban Law

Group of TikTok creators in the United States attempt to block recent law that will force divestiture or ban of…

2 weeks ago

TikTok To Label AI-Generated Content From Other Platforms

AI-generated content such as video and images are going to be labelled by TikTok using the Content Credentials digital watermark

3 weeks ago

TikTok Sues To Halt US Divest Or Ban Law

US government sued by TikTok in bid to block law that will force sale of the short video app or…

3 weeks ago

Lawyers Say Strict Child Controls In China Show TikTok Could Do Better

Lawyers in US social media addiction action say strict controls on Douyin in China show TikTok could do better at…

3 weeks ago

TikTok Viewed As Chinese Influence Tool By Most Americans – Poll

Most people in the United States view TikTok as a Chinese influence tool a poll reveals, so why do so…

4 weeks ago

ByteDance Would Rather Shutter TikTok US, Than Sell – Report

TikTok's 'secret source' algorithm is so core to ByteDance, it would rather shut down US operation, multiple sources have indicated

1 month ago

President Biden Signs TikTok Ban Or Divest Bill Into Law

TikTok pledges to challenge 'unconstitutional' US ban in the courts, after President Joe Biden signs ban or divest bill into…

1 month ago

US Senate Passes TikTok Ban Or Divestment Bill

ByteDance protest falls on deaf ears, as Senate passes TikTok ban or divest bill, with President Biden expected to sign…

1 month ago

EU Prepares Action Against ‘Addictive’ TikTok Lite Features

European Commission may ban rewards feature in recently launched TikTok Lite that it calls 'toxic and addictive'

1 month ago

TikTok Says New US Ban Effort Would ‘Trample Free Speech’

US House of Representatives passes new bill combining TikTok measures with foreign aid, may face speedy Senate approval

1 month ago

MPs: Government ‘Should Use TikTok’ To Reach Young People

MPs urge government to make more use of social media, including TikTok, to reach young people and combat rampant misinformation

1 month ago

US Senator Hints At TikTok Divestiture Deadline Extension

China's ByteDance may be given up to a year to divest itself of TikTok, used by 170 million Americans, says…

2 months ago

Senator Calls For ‘Path Forward On TikTok’

Senate resumes discussions on TikTok bill following two-week recess, as TikTok launches television ads in latest response

2 months ago

FTC Investigates TikTok Over Security, Privacy – Report

Federal Trade Commission reportedly investigating TikTok for its data and security practices, amid US ban threat

2 months ago

US Senators Voice Support For TikTok Bill

Some US senators say they support bill that could result in TikTok ban, while US lawmaker says forced sale would…

2 months ago

TikTok US Sales ‘Hit $16bn’, ByteDance Nears Meta In World Revenues

TikTok reportedly brought in $16bn in US last year, while parent ByteDance made $120bn worldwide, nearly dethroning Facebook parent Meta

2 months ago

Senators Take Up TikTok Bill After Italy Fine Over Harmful Content

Senators consider bill restricting TikTok after rapid House approval, as Italy competition regulator fines company over harmful content

2 months ago

US House Gives ByteDance Six Months To Divest TikTok Or Face Ban

House of Representatives vote could force ByteDance to divest TikTok within six months, or face nationwide US ban

3 months ago

Instagram Tops TikTok As World’s Most Downloaded App

Meta's Instagram beats TikTok to become most downloaded app in the world for 2023 after introducing copycat short-video feature

3 months ago

US Lawmakers Inundated With Calls From TikTok Users

US lawmakers inundated with telephone calls from TikTok users as bill that could ban app gains momentum in Congress

3 months ago

US Bill To Ban Or Divest TikTok, Advances In House

TikTok faces fast-tracked vote in US House Of Representatives next week, after committee unanimously voted for ban or divestment

3 months ago

US Congress Bid To Ban TikTok Or Divest Gathers Pace

Upcoming vote by House Committee on Energy and Commerce to ban TikTok in US, or insist on ByteDance divesting the…

3 months ago

Meta Forms Team To Protect EU Elections From AI Risks

Facebook parent Meta forms dedicated team to protect upcoming EU Parliament elections in June from generative AI fraud

3 months ago

EU Opens Probe Into TikTok Over Potential DSA Breaches

European Commission opens formal probe into TikTok over protection of minors, ad repository, access to research data

3 months ago

New York City Sues Social Media Firms Over Youth Mental Health

Cash grab or genuine? Social media firms face lawsuit from New York over a mental health crisis among young people

3 months ago

Biden Administration Joins TikTok, Despite Security Concerns

Biden’s presidential election campaign targets gen Z and officially joins TikTok, despite national security concerns

4 months ago

Mark Zuckerberg Apologises To Parents At Senate Hearing

CEOs of Meta, TikTok, X and other platforms appear before Senate Judiciary Committee to discuss online protections for children

4 months ago

Montana Appeals, After Judge Blocked State Ban On TikTok Use

Montana Attorney General files appeal, after US judge blocked first ever state ban on use of short video-sharing app

5 months ago