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Shares In Trump’s Truth Social Firm Rise, Then Tumble

A week after public listing, Donald Trump's firm sees share price fall 21 percent, losing $4 billion in market value

3 months ago

Trump’s Truth Social Makes Successful Market Debut

Shares in Donald Trump’s social media company rose about 16 percent after first day of trading on the Nasdaq

3 months ago

Meta’s Threads Now Available In European Union

Threads app now available for users in the European Union, aiding Mark Zuckerberg's challenge to Musk's X platform

6 months ago

Omegle Shuts Down After Misuse Complaints

Founder announces Omegle shutdown after years of complaints by child campaigners about risks of random chats with strangers

8 months ago

US Bill To Require Parental Consent For Kids Use Of Social Media

New bipartisan bill unveiled in US will require parental consent for anyone under the age of 18 to use social…

1 year ago

UK Government Unveils Revised Online Safety Bill

The UK's revised online safety bill proposes fines of 10 percent of revenue if social networks fail to block racist,…

2 years ago

Kayne West To Acquire Right-Wing Parler App

Parler social networking app, favoured by the right-wing in the US, is to be acquired by controversial rapper Ye (Kanye…

2 years ago

Meta Revamps Facebook Content Feed

Facebook 'Home' revamped to promote discovery of new content, whereas 'Feeds' tab will mostly feature posts from friends and family

2 years ago

Tech Firms Urged By Ofcom To Do More To Protect Women Online

UK regulator says women are heavier users than men of most social media platforms, and urges tech firms to keep…

2 years ago

US Supreme Court Blocks Controversial Texas Social Media Law

Content moderation victory? Tech industry celebrates as US Supreme Court blocks controversial Texas social media law from taking effect

2 years ago

Texas Social Media Law Restored By US Appeals Court

Social networking firms can be sued by Texas officials or local residents over moderation decisions, after Appeals Court restores local…

2 years ago

Elon Musk To Reverse ‘Stupid’ Twitter Ban Of Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump could be returning to Twitter, after Elon Musk says he would reverse 'morally wrong' Twitter ban

2 years ago

Trump’s ‘Truth Social’ App To Launch Next Month

App store listing reveals Donald Trump is to launch his 'Truth' social media app in February, after his Twitter, Facebook…

2 years ago

Online Safety Bill Changes Urged By MPs

Changes required. Major changes are being urged by joint committee of MPs to the draft of the UK's online safety…

3 years ago

US Senators Propose Data Transparency Bill For Social Media

Bipartisan bill to require social networking firms such as Meta (Facebook) have to provide researchers with access to its data

3 years ago

Donald Trump To Launch ‘TRUTH Social’ Media Platform

Third time the charm? After indefinite ban on Twitter, and closure of short-lived website, Donald Trump is to launch a…

3 years ago

Instagram Kids Development Halted After Backlash

Facebook's Instagram confirms development pause of new app for kids, after report of the harmful effect it has on teenage…

3 years ago

Trump Supporting Social Media App Hacked

Arrival of Gettr social networking app, from former senior advisor to Donald Trump, is impacted by hack on its 4th…

3 years ago

Florida To Prevent Tech Firms ‘Deplatforming’ Political Figures

After Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook ban Donald Trump, Florida governor signs bill to prevent political candidates being removed from social…

3 years ago

Trump Slams ‘Total Disgrace’ Of Continued Facebook Ban

Former US President Donald Trump lashes out at Facebook and other tech firms that have banned him from their respective…

3 years ago

YouTube CEO Outlines Criteria To Restore Donald Trump Account

Way back for Trump on social media? YouTube CEO says threats of violence must fall before Donald Trump account reinstatement

3 years ago

Facebook Oversight Board Confirms Appeal Over Trump Ban

Unnamed 'user' files appeal with Facebook's Supreme Court (the Oversight Board) against the 'indefinite' ban on Donald Trump

3 years ago

Facebook Oversight Board Overrules Zuckerberg In Four Cases

Social network's 'supreme court' overturns four out of five Facebook decisions to remove questionable content from its platform

3 years ago

WhatsApp Will Share Data With Facebook, Despite User Wishes

What is the point of end-to-end encryption? Facebook to access people's WhatsApp data, whether they like it or not, from…

3 years ago

Twitter, Facebook Block Donald Trump After Four Die In Capitol Siege

President Trump suspended from both Twitter and Facebook for posts to 'supporters', after mob storm US Capitol building and people…

3 years ago

Trump Vetoes $740bn Defense Bill Over Section 230

US President follows through on threat and vetoes major US defence bill over Section 230 protection for social networking firms

4 years ago

Trump Threatens To Veto US Defence Bill Over Section 230 Protection

President Trump warns that unless Section 230 liability protection for social networking firms is removed, he will veto a major…

4 years ago

Russia Readies Law So Moscow Can Block Social Networking Giants

No love for Twitter. Russia's parliament has prepared draft legislation that will allow Moscow to ban US social networking giants

4 years ago

Testy Grilling Of Tech CEOs Dominates Senate Hearing

Senate panel probing of tech CEOs highlights party differences, with grandstanding politicians deemed 'petty' by some observers

4 years ago

US Officials Call For Federal Oversight Of Social Media Firms

Twitter's self regulation not working says US report, citing its embarrassing hack in the summer that compromised high profile accounts

4 years ago