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Neal Forse, Co-founder and CTO of the IoT Solutions Group.

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: IoT and the Edge

What are the remaining challenges to building an IoT environment that all companies can use practically? Networks have also been evolving towards the edge. Learn how enterprises develop their edge network capabilities and integrate the ...

Connected Cars: The State of Digital Transport

Connected Cars: The State of Digital Transport

The age of electric transport is here. As autonomous vehicles continue to develop and the digital space extends to personal and municipal vehicles, how will digital transport evolve? And what does this mean for businesses?

Intelligent Spaces: Using Smart Cities

Latest Feature: Intelligent Spaces: Using Smart Cities

The demands from everyone that lives in a city has radically changed over the last decade. Silicon UK considers how the near-future smart city will operate and how technology will deliver seamless connectivity in an environment that wi ...

IoT Business and Industry

The Business of IoT

Business and industry are being transformed, as IoT takes shape. In this new environment, IoT heralds a new era of intelligent connections every enterprise can embrace. The business of IoT is the creation of a new connected ecosystem e ...

5G: The Connected Consumer

What will 5G mean to consumers? Will we enter a world where digital communications have no limits? How do the mobile networks have to evolve to deliver the next-generation services consumers are expecting?