Rishi Sunak

Government To Quash All Post Office Horizon Convictions

Post Office Horizon scandal. PM Rishi Sunak confirms convictions will be quashed and victims compensated under new law

4 months ago

AI Safety Summit 2023: Musk Tells PM AI Will End Work

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Elon Musk sit down for a conversation in London as AI Safety Summit concludes

7 months ago

PM Rishi Sunak Outlines AI Risks, Cautions Against Rush To Regulation

Artificial intelligence will transform lives says PM, but getting it wrong could make it easier to build chemical or biological…

7 months ago

UK Appoints Tech Expert, Diplomat To Head AI Safety Summit

Two leading experts announced to spearhead the UK's AI Safety Summit in Autumn, proposed by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

10 months ago

Downing Street Acknowledges ‘Existential’ Risk Of AI

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has met the heads of firms including DeepMind and OpenAI to discuss AI safety and regulation

12 months ago

ARM London Listing Sought By PM Rishi Sunak – Report

British government reportedly makes fresh attempt to convince ARM owner Softbank for public listing in London

1 year ago

Government Sets Out Plan To Recognise Stablecoins

Royal Mint to create a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) this summer, as the government unveils move to recognise stablecoins as a…

2 years ago

Autumn Budget 2021: What It Means For Tech Sector?

The Autumn Budget pledges to spend billions refreshing IT and tech in the NHS, but also a big increase in…

3 years ago