patent licensing

UK Supreme Court Rules AI Cannot Be Patent Inventor

Landmark ruling. American computer scientist loses bid to overturn UK's refusal to register two patents invented by a 'creativity machine'

5 months ago

Apple, Ericsson End Patent Row, Sign Agreement

Settlement agreement for 5G patents reached between Ericsson and Apple, ending legal hostilities between the two parties

1 year ago

Intel Stung By $948m Verdict In VLSI Patent Trial

Federal jury orders Intel to pay VLSI Technology $948.8 million for infringing a VLSI patent, but Intel “strongly disagrees” and…

2 years ago

Arm Sues Qualcomm And Nuvia Unit For Licence Infringement

British chip designer Arm Holdings accuses Qualcomm and Nuvia of trademark infringement and breaching certain licence agreements

2 years ago

Acer Slaps Volkswagen With 4G Patent Lawsuit – Report

Legal battle. German car giant sued, as Taiwanese PC maker Acer alleges VW has not paid for licenses for its…

2 years ago

Daimler Ends Nokia Spat With Royalty Payment Agreement

End of hostilities between Nokia and Mercedes owner Daimler, after the car maker finally agrees to make royalty payments to…

3 years ago

Apple Loses Rehearing Bid In VirnetX FaceTime Case

Potential setback for Apple in the patent battle between it and VirnetX, after US Court of Appeals rejects Apple plea…

4 years ago

Foxconn Boss ‘Furious’ At Microsoft Patent Lawsuit

Microsoft launches break of contract lawsuit at manufacturing giant for “unpaid royalties” and missing paperwork

5 years ago

Apple Sues Qualcomm In London Courts Over iPhone Tech Charges

You're charging us too much! Apple files lawsuit against Qualcomm over royalty charges and patents

7 years ago

BlackBerry Patent Awards Hints At Possible Wearable Devices

BlackBerry awarded at least 27 new US patents that reveal the type of devices currently under development

10 years ago

ZTE Signs Android Licence Agreement With Microsoft

ZTE is the latest in a long line of companies that have signed up to Microsoft’s Android licensing scheme

11 years ago

Foxconn Signs Android Agreement With Microsoft

Fxconn signs Microsoft's patent licensing campaign against Android, which Google previously called 'extortion'

11 years ago

Nokia Wins Wi-Fi Patent Ruling Against RIM

Nokia has won a ruling over Wi-Fi patents which could see RIM forced to stop selling BlackBerry handsets

11 years ago

Nokia Issues Patent Warning For Google Nexus 7

Nokia has informed Google and Asus that the recently arrived Google Nexus 7 tablet infringes its patents

12 years ago

Microsoft Strikes $1.1 Billion Deal To Purchase 800 AOL Patents

Microsoft picks up Netscape and MapQuest in patent portfolio deal

12 years ago

Yahoo Is Risking Its Reputation With Facebook Lawsuit

Yahoo treads a dangerous path in attempting to profit from Facebook, writes Chris Preimesberger

12 years ago

Motorola And Apple Discussed Patent Licensing Deal Last Year

EU document reveals that Motorola wanted to license Apple's entire patent portfolio

12 years ago

Yahoo Hits Facebook With Patent Suit

Ailing search giant Yahoo follows through on patent threat against Facebook/p>

12 years ago

Yahoo Threatens Patent Lawsuit Against Facebook

Yahoo says Facebook infringed between 10 and 20 of its patents

12 years ago