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Agents of Transformation

Agents of Transformation

AppDynamics have launched a COVID-19 edition of its global research ‘The Agents of Transformation.’ The report includes data from interviews with IT professionals – from board-level directors and CIOs, through to senior and mid-level IT management – in enterprise organizations across ten countries, including the UK. Who will transform your business as we enter the post-digital age?

Is Home Your Business’s New Threat Perimeter?

Is Home Your Business’s New Network Security Perimeter?

Post COVID-19 could see many businesses permanently using home-based working as the norm for their enterprises. With annual reports stating lax security protocols and behaviours are still the norms (nearly 40% of workers never change their passwords), Silicon UK asks how a home-based workforce can be secured.

How to identify and defend your business’s threat perimeter

Where is Your Threat Perimeter?

As business transform into agile organizations, the traditional perimeters a company could defend against attack have expanded and become less well-defined. In an age where mobile devices, the cloud and the burgeoning IoT revolution, how does security need to change to protect businesses in this new world of fluid data?

e-Crime Congress 2012

The e-Crime Congress has an established reputation for providing practical insights on how best to proactively reduce electronic risk, delivering critical information on emerging threats to IT systems and data assets, and detailing examples of best practice that can be adopted to defend against technically sophisticated and complex cyber attacks.