National Crime Agency

EncroChat Shutdown Results In Thousands Of Arrests

Europol says 2020 takedown of EncroChat has so far resulted in 6,558 arrests worldwide, including nearly 200 high value targets

12 months ago

Genesis Market Takedown Sees 120 Suspects Arrested

Largest online marketplace selling stolen credentials to criminals worldwide has been taken down in international operation

1 year ago

UK Sanctions Seven Russian Ransomware Cyber Criminals

Seven Russian nationals sanctioned by the UK and United States, in the first wave of co-ordinated action against ransomware attacks

1 year ago

Royal Mail Admits Disruption From ‘Cyber Incident’

UK's Royal Mail warns it is “temporarily unable to despatch items to overseas destinations”, after confirmation of 'cyber incident'

1 year ago

Killnet Threatens To Shut Down Hospital Ventilators, After London Arrest

Russian cybercrime hacking group Killnet reportedly threaten to shut down ventilators at British hospitals, after gang member arrest in London

2 years ago

UK Donates Stolen Passwords To Have I Been Pwned Website

National Crime Agency (NCA) donates a recovered database of 585 million stolen passwords to Troy Hunt's famous disclosure service

2 years ago

Home Addresses Of Gun Owners Leaked By Activist

Animal rights activist effectively publishes a map that reportedly shows the home addresses of thousands of UK gun owners

3 years ago

Police ‘Crack’ EncroChat Encryption, Resulting In Hundreds Of Arrests

Organised crime around Europe has been dealt a huge blow after authorities cracked the encryption of a messaging system used…

4 years ago

Home Secretary ‘Demands’ Action From Tech Firms On Child Abuse

Sajid Javid pledges more cash, and demands tech giants tackle online child sexual abuse, or face legislation

6 years ago

Criminals Arrested As Webstresser DDoS Website Taken Down

National Crime Agency involved in international operation to take down website behind four million cyber attacks

6 years ago

Cryptojacking, Ransomware Threats Continue To Grow, Warns NCSC

UK businesses face growing online danger and need to prioritise cyber security and work closely with law enforcement

6 years ago

Free Hacking Tools Lure Teenagers Into Cybercrime

Easy to use and free hacking tools are pulling young people into a life of cybercrime, claims NCA

7 years ago

Dridex Malware Raids £20m From UK Bank Accounts

Not as bad as Zeus? Bank accounts are being looted worldwide in malware attack, authorities warn

9 years ago

Online Voyeur Sentenced For Webcam Hacks

Creep alert. Stefan Rigo hacked webcams using BlackShades malware and spied on couples having sex

9 years ago

Lizard Squad Hackers Take Down National Crime Agency Website

Attack comes in retaliation for arrest of six teenage hackers last week

9 years ago