John McAfee Launches Second Presidential Bid

President McAfee? Bid to become president of the United States launched by colourful former security tycoon John McAfee

2 years ago

Thousands On Twitch See Gunman’s Shooting Spree In Germany

Thousands watch gunman's video of attack outside German synagogue, before Twitch pulls the video

3 years ago

John McAfee Freed After Dominican Republic Detention

Colourful former security tycoon freed after being detained earlier this week by the army in Dominican Republic

3 years ago

Facebook Live Streaming Restriction After NZ Shooting

Rules around the live streaming feature on Facebook to be tightened after New Zealand shootings

3 years ago

US Judge Asks Amazon For Echo Data In Murder Case

Did Amazon Echo device hear the murder of two US women? Police ask Amazon for the audio recordings

4 years ago

YouTube Blogger Kills Herself and Shoots Three Others

Shooter rampage, as blogger shoots three people at YouTube headquarters before killing herself

4 years ago

Police Demand Access To Amazon Echo Data In Murder Case

Police vs tech – round two. Amazon resists US police demands to hand over data gathered on Echo speaker

5 years ago

First ‘Online Murder’ Could Happen By The End Of The Year

The Internet of Things could turn out to be a killer, Europol report warns

8 years ago

John McAfee Escapes Belize And Seeks Guatemalan Help

McAfee promises to reveal all during a press conference in Guatemala City on Thursday

9 years ago

John McAfee Still On The Run, Says He Fears For His Life

Prime minister of Belize urges the multi-millionaire to “man up” and turn himself in

10 years ago