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Vodafone Sells Italian Operation For €8 Billion

Last downsizing move? Vodafone sells off another European unit, namely its Italian operation to Swisscom for €8bn in cash

2 months ago

BT Completes 3G Switch-Off, With Belfast Site Closure

After more than 20 years of operation, BT confirms that its final 3G mobile site location has been switched off

3 months ago

AT&T Denies Outage Was Due To Cyberattack

Thursday's significant outage of AT&T mobile network in the US, was not down to a cyberattack, operator says

3 months ago

Ofcom Proposes Ban On ‘Inflation-Linked’ Mid-Contract Price Hikes

UK regulator Ofcom proposes new rules for consumers to protect against inflation-linked price rises during a contract

5 months ago

Vodafone To Exit Spain With Sale Of Spanish Arm To Zegona

Mobile giant confirms it will sell Vodafone Spain to Zegona for $5.3 billion (£4.4bn), in another restructuring move by new…

7 months ago

EE, Vodafone, O2 Users Suffer Calling Routing Issue

Some customers on EE and Vodafone and even O2 continue to report issues, making and receiving calls between these networks

9 months ago

EE To Deploy Temporary 4G, 5G Masts To Bolster Capacity

More than 125 network upgrades are being installed on temporary 4G and 5G mobile masts across the United Kingdom

11 months ago

Vodafone, Three Merger To Create UK’s Biggest Mobile Operator

Vodafone UK will own 51 percent of combined entity with Three UK, as challenge to EE and Virgin Media O2…

12 months ago

Vodafone, Three Near Final Merger Agreement – Report

UK merger between Vodafone and Three could be announced this month, as both work to address potential antitrust issues

1 year ago

UK Extends Huawei 5G Removal Deadline

Removal of Hauwei 5G kit from network 'cores' extended from January 2023 to December 2023, after BT warning

2 years ago

Vodafone Confirms Merger Talks With Three UK

Potential merger between the UK's third and fourth largest mobile networks will likely face intense regulatory scrutiny

2 years ago

Vodafone To Sell Hungarian Operation For $1.8bn

Vodafone to offload its Hungarian business for $1.8 billion, in a move that will create a telecoms leader in the…

2 years ago

Vodafone Portugal Networks Still Down After ‘Malicious’ Cyberattack

Vodafone Portugal's 4G and 5G mobile networks knocked offline by cyberattack, that also impacted fixed-line, TV, SMS and other services

2 years ago

FAA Agrees To Switch On More 5G Towers And Masts

Seeing sense? American aviation regulator FAA allows Verizon and AT&T to switch on more 5G towers and mobile masts near…

2 years ago

UK Government To Ban Installation Of New Huawei 5G Kit

Government to stop mobile operators installing stockpiled Huawei 5G equipment from September 2021, after purchase ban of new kit

3 years ago

UK Unlikely To Change Huawei 5G Decision – Foreign Office

Government has made firm decision on Huawei's involvement in UK's 5G roll-out, and the decision is not likely to be…

4 years ago

Coronavirus: Attacks On Phone Masts Surge Over Easter

Thank you, foolish celebrities. Attacks on mobile phone towers surge over Easter, with one attack on a tower serving Birmingham's…

4 years ago

Google Seeks Huawei Trade Exemption – Report

Google has reportedly applied for a trade exemption licence from the US government, so it can continue working with Huawei

4 years ago

O2 Service Restored After Massive Data Outage

30 million customers affected by technical fault that included O2, Tesco Mobile and Sky Mobile customers

5 years ago

Ericsson Enhances 5G Platform For Operators

Mobile operators can now purchase a 5G platform that utilises the newly agreed 5G NR standard

6 years ago

Vodafone, EE, Three Are Overcharging Customers By £38 A Month

Loyal mobile customers are being overcharged when handset is paid off warns Citizen Advice

7 years ago

Ofcom Proposes Text-To-Switch Plans So Mobile Customers Can Easily Dump Their Network Providers

The watchdog proposes network switches should be handled with an exchange of two free texts

7 years ago

EE Network Suffers Outage As Users Lose 4G Internet

Everything should now be back to normal for users across the UK

7 years ago

Three Apologises After Network Goes Down Across The UK

Everything now appears to be up and running following a day of problems for UK users

7 years ago

Tales In Tech History: Three UK

Three entered a crowded UK market fourteen years ago and carved out a significant niche, despite well entrenched opposition

7 years ago

Google To Launch MVNO Service – Report

Forget search engines? Google reportedly shapes up to be a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)

9 years ago

Apple Negotiates With Chinese Operator For iPhone

Apple could soon be officially entering the huge Chinese mobile market as it negotiates with China Mobile

12 years ago

O2 Launches First 3G Service Over 2G Spectrum

O2 has launched an improved 3G service using the refarmed 2G mobile spectrum

13 years ago

ASA Slaps 3UK Over Phony Ad Claims

The mobile operator's claim that it offers the best network for smartphones cannot be substantiated

13 years ago