lazarus group

North Korea ‘Hacked Russian Missile Firm’

Two distinct North Korean hacking groups compromised elite Russian missile engineering firm NPO Mash, say security researchers

11 months ago

US Sanctions Two For Aiding North Korean Crypto Thieves

US sanctions two China-based cryptocurrency traders for allegedly helping launder funds stolen by North Korean hacking gang Lazarus Group

1 year ago

US Says North Korean Lazarus Group Carried Out Huge Crypto Theft

US Treasury Department says notorious North Korean hackers, the Lazarus Group, was behind largest ever cryptocurrency heist last month

2 years ago

Fancy Lazarus DDoS Extortion Group Back With New Campaign

Warning from Link11, after it notices sharp increase in ransom focused distributed denial of service (RDDoS or RDoS) attacks

3 years ago

Microsoft Warns Of Russia, North Korea Attacks On Vaccine Research

Russia and North Korea carrying out cyber-attacks on pharmaceuticals companies and researchers involved in coronavirus vaccine research, Microsoft says

4 years ago

North Korea’s Unit 180 Hacking Cell Accused Of Major Cyber Attacks

Major hack attacks appear to be a money making exercise for North Korea's regime

7 years ago

WannaCry Malware Outbreak ‘Linked To North Korea’ Claim Google Security Researchers, Kaspersky And Symantec

Code similarities indicate WannaCry ransomware may have been developed by North Korea-linked Lazarus Group

7 years ago