GPT-4 ‘Kinda Sucks’ Admits Sam Altman, Says GPT-5 Will Be Better

Old tech now? OpenAI's CEO Sam Altman admits ChatGPT's GPT-4 'kinda sucks' now, but says GPT-5 will be better

3 months ago

Google Offers Gemini AI Model To Challenge GPT-4

Google's answer to GPT-4 has been unveiled this week, with the arrival of the large language model called Gemini

6 months ago

Education Firm Offers GPT-4 Powered Tool Amidst Controversy

US education software firm Chegg announces CheggMate, powered by OpenAI's GPT-4, amidst controversy around AI chatbots in the classroom

1 year ago

OpenAI To Offer Bug Bounties Up To $20,000

Bug bounty program introduced by OpenAI, to track down and eliminate vulnerabilities, bugs, or security flaws

1 year ago

OpenAI Faces Possible Defamation Lawsuit Over ChatGPT Content

A mayor in Australia has warned he may sue OpenAI if the firm does not correct false bribery claims by…

1 year ago

Advanced AI Poses Risk To Humanity, Open Letter Warns

Big names including Steve Wozniak and Elon Musk warn race to develop AI systems is out of control, urges six…

1 year ago

Microsoft Adds OpenAI Tech ‘Copilot’ To Word, Excel

Redmond continues its aggressive integration of AI into its products, with AI features dubbed Copilot, for Office, Excel

1 year ago

OpenAI Announces ChatGPT Upgrade Called GPT-4

Upgrade to popular AI chatbot ChatGPT with the release of GPT-4, which promises to be more creative and less biased

1 year ago