Free Speech

Twitter Suspends Account Sharing Trump Posts

Shutdown again. An account has been suspended by Twitter for sharing the posts from Donald Trump's new communications mouthpiece

9 months ago

Twitter Now Prompts Users To Revise ‘Harmful Replies’

Trolls beware. Twitter releases feature that will deliver a 'reconsider prompt' for users, if they trying to tweet something nasty…

9 months ago

Trump Slams ‘Total Disgrace’ Of Continued Facebook Ban

Former US President Donald Trump lashes out at Facebook and other tech firms that have banned him from their respective…

9 months ago

Oversight Board Upholds Trump’s Facebook Suspension

Bad news for Donald. Facebook's 'Supreme Court' upholds suspension of Donald Trump account, but asks FB to review decision in…

9 months ago

Facebook Oversight Board Overrules Zuckerberg In Four Cases

Social network's 'supreme court' overturns four out of five Facebook decisions to remove questionable content from its platform

12 months ago

Apple’s Tim Cook Defends Parler Suspension

Amid criticism of big tech 'censorship' of free speech, Tim Cook defends decision to suspend far right Parler app from…

1 year ago

Twitter To Expand Labelling Of State-Affiliated Accounts

Twitter to expand policy of labelling state-affiliated accounts to more countries, amidst controversy over political disinformation

1 year ago

Information Overlord: Google and Your Right to be Forgotten

With a surprise ruling in favour of Google, has the right to be forgotten, now become obsolete outside of Europe?

2 years ago

Europe’s Top Court Considers ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Cases

Google is contesting efforts to extend the right to be forgotten to non-European search domains, as well as tougher measures…

3 years ago

Cloudflare Pulls Protection From Far Right Daily Stormer Website

Cloudflare CEO said it was a difficult decision but US civil liberties group hits out at tech firms for clampdown

4 years ago

Cloudfare Offers DDoS Protection For ‘Free Speech’ Websites

CloudFlare offers free anti-DDoS protection for political and artistic websites exercising 'free speech'

8 years ago

Scotland Yard Investigates Twitter Threats Against Stella Creasy MP

In response, Twitter announces it will introduce a ‘report’ button on individual tweets

8 years ago

Facebook Pledges Action After Sexism Campaign

Facebook has vowed to clamp down on postings and pages that promote violence and sexism against women

9 years ago

YouTube Keeps Anti-Islamic ‘Innocence of Muslims’ Video Online

Blocks access in Egypt and Lybia, but maintains that “Innocence of Muslims” doesn’t violate the site’s policies

9 years ago