Tech Export Ban On Russia Takes Shape

No more chips for you. Details emerge of what technology will be banned under US and worldwide export restrictions on…

6 months ago

Poland Witnessing More Cyberattacks On Government Servers

Cyber security official for Polish government confirms more cyberattacks on Poland's government systems, amid Ukraine invasion

6 months ago

US Approves Licence For Huawei To Purchase Car Chips – Report

Softening attitude? US officials approve licence applications from blacklisted Huawei, so its car component business can buy chips

12 months ago

US Administration Revokes Huawei Export Licences

Outgoing US administration revokes some tech export licences to Huawei and plans to deny others, in final moves against Chinese…

2 years ago

United States Tightens Export Screw On Huawei

Trump administration expands its restrictions on Huawei, and bans suppliers from selling it chips that utilise US technology

2 years ago

US Tightens Export Controls In Move Aimed At Huawei

US Commerce Department to bar overseas semiconductor manufacturers from selling to Huawei and HiSilicon if they use US-made chip gear

2 years ago