El Salvador

IMF Urges El Salvador To Drop Bitcoin As Legal Tender

South American country El Salvador urged to reconsider its decision to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender, amid huge value decline

2 years ago

El Salvador To Build ‘Bitcoin City’, Powered By Geothermal

Powered by the Conchagua volcano, a city financed by government Bitcoin bonds has been pledged by El Salvador's president

3 years ago

Problems Blight First Day, As El Salvador Adopts Bitcoin

Tech glitches, protests and a plummet in value of Bitcoin greets El Salvador's first day of using digital currency as…

3 years ago

El Salvador Today Adopts Bitcoin As Legal Tender

Despite warnings from world institutions and central banks, and the disapproval of its own citizens, El Salvador adopts Bitcoin as…

3 years ago

Majority Of El Salvadorans Reject Bitcoin Law – Poll

Not a good sign. 70 percent of the population of El Salvador oppose Bitcoin law, as 7 September implementation draws…

3 years ago

Ratings Agency Warns Over El Salvador Bitcoin Move

Fitch warns El Salvador's move to make Bitcoin legal tender could open floodgates to money laundering, increase banks' exposure to…

3 years ago

World Bank Rejects El Salvador Bitcoin Request

Crypto setback? World Bank refuses a formal request from El Salvador to assist with implementation of Bitcoin as legal tender

3 years ago

El Salvador Adopts Bitcoin As Legal Tender

World first move by President Nayib Bukele, after Bitcoin is passed as a legal tender in the South American country…

3 years ago