Department of Health

UK Track And Trace Scheme Broke UK Data Protection, Campaigners Claim

Campaigners claim that UK's track and trace scheme broke data protection laws, but experts say non-compliance understandable considering unprecedented emergency

4 years ago

NHS Teams Up With Alexa For Health Advice

Doctor Alexa? NHS to provide health advice via Amazon's AI-driven Alexa personal assistant

5 years ago

Post WannaCry, NHS Seeks New Cyber-Security Deputy

Government seeks candidate to lead £200m programme to sharpen cyber security resilience of the NHS

6 years ago

Terrafix To Provide NHS With In-Ambulance Mobile Data Systems

An £8.1m deal is to see the British mobile computing firm supply technology for communications between ambulances and control rooms

7 years ago

NHS ‘Exemplar’ Trusts To Lead Digital Transformation

Government promises up to £10 million for 12 trusts to further develop digital expertise and pass it on to the…

8 years ago

English GPs To Start Sharing Anonymised Patient Data

The Department of Health hopes the scheme, starting in March, will help inform better choices

11 years ago

NHS Claws Back What It Can From CSC, As NPfIT Ends

The government claims £1 billion savings as parts of NPfIT live on

12 years ago

Giant NHS Project NPfIT Lives Beyond The Grave

CSC may still get paid to implement Lorenzo records system

12 years ago

NHS To Publish Anonymised Patient Data

The long-delayed Department of Health information strategy plans to release anonymised patient data to researchers, industry and the public

12 years ago

ICO To Investigate Civil Service Data Breach Claims

Channel 4 documentary finds 25 confidentiality breaches per week at the Department for Work and Pensions

12 years ago

UK Government To Dismantle NHS IT Programme

The world's largest public sector IT project has officially failed, but experts say nothing has changed

13 years ago

Health Department Lost Hundreds Of Laptops

More than 250 laptops have gone missing from the DoH over the last 10 years - many of them unencrypted

13 years ago