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The Future of Digital Identity

The Future of Digital Identity

How individuals identify themselves in the digital space must be secure. However, with a rise in identity theft and technologies such as deepfakes, how we secure digital identities is being challenged. In a post-COVID business landscap ...

Combating the Insider Threat

Many of the cybersecurity threats come from outside a business’s firewall. However, has your enterprise considered the security threats your staff and contractors could present? Most business will use a range of technologies to prot ...

Pronto is used by 20 police forces and more than 40,000 officers across England, Wales and the Channel Islands, and could now be used by 10,000 in Scotland.

The Tech Of Policing: Part 1: The Digital Police

In this first part of a three-part series, Silicon UK considers how UK police forces are using technology today? With significant advances from drones to AI-based data analytics, constabularies have an array of tools to choose from. Ho ...

How to identify and defend your business’s threat perimeter

Where is Your Threat Perimeter?

As business transform into agile organizations, the traditional perimeters a company could defend against attack have expanded and become less well-defined. In an age where mobile devices, the cloud and the burgeoning IoT revolution, h ...

Financial services and the hybrid cloud

Financial services and the hybrid cloud

Financial service providers must have high levels of compliance and deliver world-class services to their customers. Has the hybrid cloud delivered a platform this sector can build a sustainable and profitable future upon?