cyber attack

Russia Accused Of Cyberattack On Germany’s Ruling Party, Defence Firms

German foreign minister warns Russia will face consequences for “absolutely intolerable” cyberattack on ruling party, and German companies

3 weeks ago

Most Businesses Lack Confidence In Ability To Overcome Cyberattacks

Majority of businesses still not confident in ability to overcome cyber attacks, research from Palo Alto Networks finds

5 months ago

Australian Port Operator Resumes Operations After Cyber-Attack

Major Australian port operator resumes operations on Monday morning after cyber-attack closed four ports over the weekend

7 months ago

BT Clocks 530 Cyberattacks Every Second

Alarming. New data from UK telecoms giant BT has revealed the scale of cyberattacks being launched on a daily basis

7 months ago

ICC Confirms Recent Cyberattack Was Espionage

Not a random cyberattack. International Criminal Court confirms September cyberattack was case of “sophisticated espionage”

7 months ago

UK Security Budgets Under Strain As Cyber Incidents Soar

Report from iomart and Oxford Economics finds UK businesses struggling to balance security budgets, amid soaring cyber incidents

8 months ago

ICC War Crime Tribunal Admits ‘Cybersecurity Incident’

International tribunal responsible for prosecuting those accused of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes has been hacked

8 months ago

Manchester Police Officer Data Compromised In Supplier Attack

Ransomware attack on third-party supplier has compromised data of staff employed by Greater Manchester Police (GMP)

9 months ago

Cyber-Attacks Disrupt Kenyan Government Systems

Kenya promises visas on arrival after series of DDoS attacks disrupts online government, mobile payment and other systems

10 months ago

Government Launches NHS Cyber Security Strategy

NHS commitment. Government launches seven year cyber security strategy for the health and adult social care sectors

1 year ago

Appointments Cancelled After Ransomware Attack On Barcelona Hospital

Cyberattack on major hospital in Spanish city of Barcelona has resulted in cancellation of thousands of appointments

1 year ago

Hackers Begin Publishing Data Of Oakland City Workers

After a ransomware attack last month on the city of Oakland in California, hackers have begun leaking stolen data online

1 year ago

Guardian Newspaper Suffers Ransomware Attack

British newspaper, the Guardian, reveals that it has suffered a “serious IT incident” believed to be a ransomware attack

1 year ago

UK Defending Ukraine From Russian Cyberattacks

The United Kingdom is using its cyber expertise to protect Ukraine’s critical national infrastructure from Russian cyberattacks

2 years ago

Optus Slammed By Aussie Cybersecurity Minister, After Hack

Australia’s cybersecurity minister lambasts Optus, while alleged hacker apologises in change of heart and drops ransom demand

2 years ago

InterContinental Hotels Suffers Cyberattack

British owner of Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza - InterContinental Hotels Group - confirms “unauthorised access” to systems

2 years ago

Cuba Ransomware Hackers Claim Montenegro Government Attack

Responsibility for ongoing ransomware attack in the country has been claimed by Cuba gang, as local officials blame Russia

2 years ago

Lloyd’s of London To End Insurance For Nation State Cyberattacks

Lloyd's of London instructs its insurers to stop coverage for nation state cyberattacks, in its cyber insurance policies

2 years ago

South Staffordshire Water Confirms Hacker Attack

Clop ransomware gang mistakenly claims to have hacked London's principle water supplier, but South Staffordshire Water confirms compromise

2 years ago

NHS Works To Restore 111 System After Cyber-Attack Causes Delays

NHS digital supplier says impact of cyber-attack on 111 hotline may only be resolved this week as 'security issue' causes…

2 years ago

Cyber Attack On Taiwan’s Presidential Office, Amid Nancy Pelosi Visit

Website of Taiwan's presidential office suffrs an overseas cyber attack on Tuesday, amid US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visit

2 years ago

Sophos Sees Surge Of Ransomware Attacks Against Education Sector

Education sector is battling a significant increase in the number of ransomware attacks, and in some cases is taking months…

2 years ago

Nearly All UK Businesses Experience Security Incident – Barracuda

In the past year, 98 percent of UK business experienced a security incident, new report from Barracuda Networks has discovered

2 years ago

Russian Government Hackers Target Ukraine’s Allies

Microsoft's President Brad Smith warns Russian government is conducting cyber spy operations on countries allied to Ukraine

2 years ago

Most Cyber Attacks Are Preventable, Says Tanium

Majority of board of directors will only approve new cybersecurity funding after a cyber attack has taken place, Tanium research…

2 years ago

Yodel Confirms Cyberattack Disrupting UK Deliveries

Was it ransomware? UK-based delivery company Yodel confirms operational disruption of its delivery business, due to cyberattack

2 years ago

West Risks Direct Military Clash Over Cyberattacks, Says Russia

Pot kettle black. Russia's Foreign Ministry says cyber attacks against its infrastructure risks leading to direct military confrontation

2 years ago

Russian Ministry Website Hacked With Pro Ukraine Message

Cyber warfare continues. Hack of Russian housing ministry website points online searches to “Glory to Ukraine” sign in Ukrainian

2 years ago

UK Can Legally Launch Cyberattacks Against Hostile Nations, Says AG

Chief legal advisor to government says UK can legally launch cyberattacks against hostile nations, and calls for international “rules of…

2 years ago