cyber attack

Hackney Council Systems Downed In ‘Serious’ Cyberattack

Ransomware attack? Hackney Council in London admits it has been the target of a 'serious' cyberattack and urges people not…

2 weeks ago

Academic Sector Warned Of Cyber Threat By NCSC

Universities and schools are being warned by UK's cyber guardian of threats posed to their institutions after a spate of…

1 month ago

Garmin Paid Millions Of Dollars In Ransom After Attack – Report

American firm Garmin reportedly used a ransomware negotiation business, which in turn paid hackers a multi-million dollar ransom

3 months ago

Garmin Reportedly Victim Of Ransomware Attack

Ransomware attack has reportedly crippled internal systems at Garmin, although company only confirms 'outage' of services

3 months ago

UK Top Cyber Target For Russian Hackers

Russia has been conducting a long-running cyber and interference campaign against the UK, and Government is still playing catch up,…

3 months ago

Coronavirus: Russian Hackers Attack Vaccine Researchers

British and Western intelligence services are warning Russia's APT29 hacking group is targetting Covid-19 vaccine researchers

3 months ago

Iran Says Nuclear Facility Fire May Have Been Cyber-Sabotage

A fire at Natanz uranium-enrichment facility may have been a cyber-attack Iranian officials say, recalling Stuxnet virus attack on same…

4 months ago

Australian PM Warns Of ‘Sophisticated’ Cyber Attack By ‘State-Based’ Actor

Prime Minister Scott Morrison reveals Australia is experiencing cyber attacks across 'a range of sectors', with China reportedly the likely…

4 months ago

Production At Honda Grinds To Halt After Second Cyber Attack

Work at Honda factories in Japan, the UK, North America, Brazil, India, Turkey and Italy has been suspended after another…

5 months ago

EasyJet Hack: Security Expert Reactions

Beware the phishing scams warn experts, as the hack of easyJet make available more valuable personal information on the dark…

5 months ago

EasyJet Admits Hack From ‘Highly Sophisticated Source’

Personal information of 9 million customers accessed in a “highly sophisticated” cyber-attack, which saw the credit card details of 2,200…

5 months ago

Germany Issues Arrest Warrant For Russian Hacker Of Bundestag

GRU Officer Dmitry Badin, who is also wanted in the US for hacking Hillary Clinton's emails, is now wanted by…

6 months ago

Coronavirus: Government Grants GCHQ Access To NHS IT

Fresh twist in privacy debate surrounding Covid-19 tracing app, after government reportedly grants GCHQ access to security data of NHS…

6 months ago

Mexico’s Economy Ministry Suffers Cyber-attack At Weekend

Mexican government department detected a cyber-attack on some of its servers on Sunday, but insists sensitive data was not compromised

8 months ago

Council Staff Revert To Pen And Paper Following ‘Cyber-Attack’

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council online services offline for more than a week following incident that experts call a likely…

8 months ago

Office Cleaners Pose Cyber Risk, Police Warn

Criminal gangs are planting “sleepers” in cleaning firms so they can access corporate IT systems, British police have warned

9 months ago

Austrian Foreign Ministry Hit By ‘Serious’ Cyber-Attack

Ongoing incident could last several days, experts warn, following European Union measures to crack down on state-sponsored cyber-disruption

10 months ago

Iran Defeats ‘Second Cyber-Attack’, Minister Claims

Telecoms minister of Iran says his country has foiled a second cyber-attack targetting government systems in less than a week

10 months ago

City Of Johannesburg Threatened With Ransomware Data Release

Ransomware attackers threaten to release data that is said to include passwords and finance information

12 months ago

Avast Confirms “Extremely Sophisticated” Hack

State sponsored actor? Security vendor admits it has been targetted by sophisticated cyberespionage campaign

1 year ago

Airbus Suppliers Targeted In Multiple Cyber-Attacks

Suppliers for aircraft manufacturer Airbus have reportedly been targetted by suspected Chinese hackers, in search of commercial secrets

1 year ago

Cyberattack Could Trigger NATO Response

NATO chief warns serious cyber strike on any NATO nation could trigger Article 5 response from the alliance

1 year ago

Texas Suffers ‘Co-ordinated’ Ransomware Attack

Local government departments across Texas have been attacked with ransomware from 'single threat actor'

1 year ago

Johannesburg Power Company Crippled By Ransomware

South African power firm suffers ransomware attack that cripples its databases, applications and network

1 year ago

Arrest After Bulgaria Suffers Damaging Cyber Attack

Nearly all seven million Bulgarian adults have reportedly had their personal data compromised

1 year ago

Russia Acknowledges ‘Possibility’ Of US Attacks On Power Grid

The remarks follow US reports that US military hackers have placed malware within Russia's power grid, creating the potential for…

1 year ago

UK ‘Particularly Vulnerable’ To Cyber Attack, MPs Warn

Public Accounts Committee report warns that the UK is extremely vulnerable due to its advanced digital economy

1 year ago

Iran Tests Firewall To Counter Stuxnet Threats

Industrial systems now protected from foreign cyber threats, Iran tells world after alleging Israeli attack

1 year ago

Israel Hits Back At Hamas Cyber Attack With Airstrike

Ultimate cyber defence? Israeli warplanes stop attempted Hamas cyber attack, with airstrike that 'removed' its HQ

1 year ago