Cryptocurrency-Mining Campaign Hits ‘Thousands’ Of Enterprises

Security researchers find attackers breaking into public-facing Windows IIS web servers to install Monero-mining malware across networks

1 month ago

Supercomputers Across Europe Shut Down After Crypto-Mining Attacks

Hackers break into academic high-performance computing clusters in Edinburgh, Germany and Switzerland to install Monero currency-mining software

2 months ago

Libra Scales Back Cryptocurrency Plans Amidst Furore

Facebook-backed cryptocurrency association to issue digital versions of single currencies, stepping back from controversial synthetic coin scheme

3 months ago

Facebook Rethinks Libra Digital Currency Plans – Report

Resistance from regulators around the world prompts Facebook to 'rethink' its plan for its Libra digital currency, it is reported

4 months ago

IOTA Cryptocurrency Still Offline Following Heists

IOTA fixes bug in desktop cryptocurrency wallet after crooks make off with more than $1m, but network has remained offline…

5 months ago

Cryptocurrency Attendees Should Avoid North Korean Conference, Warns UN

Experts at the United Nations (UN) warn attendees of upcoming cryptocurrency conference in North Korea they could be cited for…

6 months ago

Swiss President Says Facebook’s Libra Has ‘Failed’ In Current Form

Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency cannot be approved without changes, says president of Switzerland, where Libra Association has headquarters

6 months ago

The Promise of the Blockchain

The blockchain could become one of the most disruptive technologies ever created. However, with sluggish uptake, what is preventing the…

7 months ago

John McAfee Launches Second Presidential Bid

President McAfee? Bid to become president of the United States launched by colourful former security tycoon John McAfee

7 months ago

Securities Coordinator Recommends Cautious Approach To Facebook’s Libra

Libra and other globally recognised stablecoins pose 'serious' risks but the right regulatory approach could allow their benefits to be…

8 months ago