India Moves To Ban Private Cryptocurrencies

India is to launch its own official digital currency, but will also ban private cryptocurrencies under new government proposals

5 days ago

Tolkien Estate Blocks ‘JRR Token’ Cryptocurrency

“You shall not pass!”, as Tolkien Estate takes legal action against cheeky developer of a cryptocurrency called JRR Token

7 days ago

El Salvador To Build ‘Bitcoin City’, Powered By Geothermal

Powered by the Conchagua volcano, a city financed by government Bitcoin bonds has been pledged by El Salvador's president

1 week ago

Tim Cook Says No Plans To Accept Crypto Payments

Cryptocurrency owner Tim Cook says there are no immediate plans to accept cryptocurrencies as payment, and discusses Apple Car, China…

3 weeks ago

Supermarket Chain Investigates Fake Bitcoin Cash Press Release

US supermarket chain Kroger investigates publication of fake press release by PR Newswire saying it would accept Bitcoin Cash in…

3 weeks ago

New York Mayor ‘Wants First Three Paychecks In Bitcoin’

New York City's incoming mayor, Eric Adams to convert first three paychecks into Bitcoin as he competes with Miami to…

3 weeks ago

US, Kazakhstan Take Bitcoin Mining Lead From China

China's share of Bitcoin mining drops to zero amidst crackdown, as US, Kazakhstan and Russia see dramatic rises in mining…

1 month ago

G7 Finance Ministers Agree Principles For Central Bank Digital Currencies

Finance officials from the G7 endorse 13 public policy principles for central banks and digital currencies, and urge transparency and…

2 months ago

US-Led International Group Takes Aim At Ransomware Gangs

US to meet with 30 countries this month to form Counter-Ransomware Initiative as attacks threaten to destabilise US food and…

2 months ago

Elon Musk Tells US Government To Back Off Crypto Regulation

Tesla boss Elon Musk pushes back against crackdowns, and says US government should avoid regulating the cryptocurrency market

2 months ago

China Bans All Cryptocurrency Transactions

China's central bank calls all cryptocurrency transactions 'illegal' in strongest statement to date, causing sharp price drops for Bitcoin and…

2 months ago

US Treasury Sanctions Cryptocurrency Exchange Suex

Cryptocurrency exchange Suex hit with sanctions by US Treasury Department for alleged role in laundering ransomware payments

2 months ago

US Sanctions ‘Aim To Cut Off Hackers’ Access’ To Cryptocurrency

US Treasury Department reportedly planning sanctions against cryptocurrency platforms that facilitate ransomware payments in latest anti-hacking move

2 months ago

Poly Network Hacker Offered $500,000 To Return Stolen Tokens

Poly Network confirms it offered 'white hat hacker' who stole $611m in digital tokens, a $500,000 bug bounty to return…

4 months ago

Poly Network Hackers Return $258m, After Huge Cryptocurrency Heist

That still leaves $353m unaccounted for. Hackers return $258m to Poly Network, after stealing $611m worth of digital tokens

4 months ago

Hackers Steal $600m In Cryptocurrency Heist – Report

Crypto heist. Blockchain site Poly Network urges hackers to return stolen digital tokens after they exploited a vulnerability

4 months ago

SEC Head Calls For Power To Regulate Cryptocurrencies

Chairman of the US financial regulator calls on Congress for authorisation to police cryptocurrency trading, lending and platforms

4 months ago

Binance Pulls Digital ‘Stock Tokens’ After Crackdown

Hong Kong becomes latest in string of regulators around world to issue warnings about Binance 'stock tokens' as company pulls…

5 months ago

Crypto Exchange Start-Up Bullish Sets Market Debut

Cryptocurrency market start-up Bullish plans $9bn market debut through merger with Far Peak Acquisition, headed by former NYSE president Tom…

5 months ago

Mexico Bans Cryptocurrency Trades Or Services

Mexico's central bank and the country's finance ministry says financial institutions are not allowed to utilise cryptocurrencies

5 months ago

Ratings Agency Warns Over El Salvador Bitcoin Move

Fitch warns El Salvador's move to make Bitcoin legal tender could open floodgates to money laundering, increase banks' exposure to…

5 months ago

Spanish Court Approves John McAfee Extradition To US

Cyber security pioneer John McAfee is to be extradited to the United States from Spain on tax fraud charges, but…

5 months ago

Bitcoin Plummets To Below $30,000 Amid China Crackdown

Bitcoin digital currency falls below $30,000 in value on Tuesday for the first time since January, as China clampdown bites…

5 months ago

BBVA Offers Bitcoin Trading Services In Switzerland

Spain's BBVA launches Bitcoin trading and custody services in Switzerland, with the aim of extending them to other countries

5 months ago

World Bank Rejects El Salvador Bitcoin Request

Crypto setback? World Bank refuses a formal request from El Salvador to assist with implementation of Bitcoin as legal tender

6 months ago

China Regions Order Bitcoin Mining Shutdown

Two of China's biggest cryptocurrency mining regions order mining operations to cease operations, even as China aims for blockchain leadership

6 months ago

El Salvador Adopts Bitcoin As Legal Tender

World first move by President Nayib Bukele, after Bitcoin is passed as a legal tender in the South American country…

6 months ago

Bitcoin Heads For Worst Slide In Nearly 10 Years

Bitcoin loses nearly 40 percent of value this month over regulatory and environmental concerns, in worst performance since September 2011

6 months ago

Bank of England Head Warns Cryptocurrencies Are Dangerous

The Governor of the Bank of England continues to express serious concerns about cryptocurrencies, telling MPs they are dangerous

6 months ago

Bitcoin Sinks Further After China Extends Crackdown

Senior Chinese official announces more restrictions on cryptocurrencies, prompting Bitcoin and other coins to extend week of losses

6 months ago