critical infrastructure

Former Cybersecurity Boss Warns UK Not Heeding China Threat

Ciaran Martin, ex-chief executive of the National Cyber Security Centre, explains growing cyber threat posed by China

7 days ago

US Warns Rising Cyberattacks Against Water Supplies

Critical infrastructure. Utility firms in the US are being urged to do more to protect water supplies amid rising cyberattacks

1 week ago

White House Warns Of Cyberattacks On US Water Infrastructure

Foreign hackers are targetting US water and sewage systems United States warns, pointing finger at Iran and China

2 months ago

NCSC Warns Of ‘Living Off The Land’ Attacks Against Critical Infrastructure

“Living off the land” attacks, where hackers are camouflaged within internal networks, pose national security risk for critical infrastructure

4 months ago

UK At High Risk Of ‘Catastrophic Ransomware Attack’, Warns Committee

Damning report from parliamentary committee warns of high risk to UK from 'catastrophic ransomware attacks'

6 months ago

UK NCSC Warns Of Significant Threat To Critical Infrastructure

Annual review from National Cyber Security Centre warns of threat posed by state-aligned actors from Russia, China and Iran

7 months ago

Five Eyes Intelligence Heads Warn Of Chinese Cyber Espionage

Heads of Five Eyes intelligence agencies come together to accuse China of intellectual property theft and using AI for hacking

7 months ago

Manchester Police Officer Data Compromised In Supplier Attack

Ransomware attack on third-party supplier has compromised data of staff employed by Greater Manchester Police (GMP)

9 months ago

DoJ Creates Cyber Unit, Amid Growing National Security Focus

Sign of the times? US Department of Justice creates a specialist cyber unit within its National Security Division

11 months ago

Microsoft, Five Eyes Warn Of Chinese Spying On US Critical Infrastructure

State-sponsored Chinese hacking group known as 'Volt Typhoon' has been spying on critical infrastructure in the US

1 year ago

Russia-linked Hackers Want To ‘Destroy’ UK, Minister Warns

Cybercrime groups linked to Russia are 'ideologically motivated' and want to 'disrupt or destroy' the UK, minister is to warn

1 year ago

UK Defending Ukraine From Russian Cyberattacks

The United Kingdom is using its cyber expertise to protect Ukraine’s critical national infrastructure from Russian cyberattacks

2 years ago

South Staffordshire Water Confirms Hacker Attack

Clop ransomware gang mistakenly claims to have hacked London's principle water supplier, but South Staffordshire Water confirms compromise

2 years ago

Iran Steel Plants ‘Hit By Cyber-Attack’

Hacking group claims responsibility for reported attacks on several major Iranian steel plants, with one saying forced to halt production

2 years ago

Agricultural Equipment Maker Hit By Ransomware Attack

Agricultural equipment maker AGCO hit by ransomware attack that disrupts operations, affects tractor sales during critical planting period

2 years ago

Microsoft Discloses True Scale Of Russian Cyberattacks On Ukraine

Russian cyberattacks on Ukraine have been extensive and linked with its military operations, Microsoft reveals for first time

2 years ago

NCSC Warns Of Russian Cyber Retaliation Against Critical Infrastructure

UK's NCSC, alongside 'five eye' partners, warns Russia could target critical infrastructure because of sanctions and military support for Ukraine

2 years ago

Ukraine, ESET Foil Cyberattack On Energy Grid

Russian cyber offensive? Ukraine government and ESET confirm Russian GRU attempted to hack Ukraine's energy grid last week

2 years ago

European Oil And Port Facilities Suffer Cyberattacks

More cyberattacks on critical infrastructure, as IT systems are severely disrupted at several European oil and transport companies

2 years ago

German Fuel Supplier Offline After Cyberattack

Echo of Colonial Pipeline attack, as fuel supplier in Germany is paralysed by cyberattack, prompting worries of local fuel shortages

2 years ago

US Offers $10m Reward For Information On Foreign Hackers

Grass on a hacker. US offers $10 million reward for hackers conducting malicious cyber activities against critical infrastructure

3 years ago

US To Issue Cyber Protection Rules For Pipelines After Colonial Hack

Amid Colonial Pipeline hack fallout, US DHS issues cyber protection rules for American pipelines to safeguard critical infrastructure

3 years ago

Colonial Pipeline Hack Was Not Intended To ‘Create Problems’

Russian criminal gang that hit major US fuel pipeline with ransomware attack, claim they are just seeking money, not creating…

3 years ago

Iran’s Natanz Cyberattack Blamed On Israel

Second Stuxnet? Iran's Natanz nuclear facility suffered another cyberattack at the weekend, with the finger once again pointed at Israel

3 years ago

NSA Issues Alert For Critical Infrastructure Operators

Operators of critical infrastructure are being warned to harden their networks against cyber threats to their operational technology (OT)

4 years ago

UK Top Cyber Target For Russian Hackers

Russia has been conducting a long-running cyber and interference campaign against the UK, and Government is still playing catch up,…

4 years ago

Attacks On Critical Infrastructure Now ‘More Targeted’

Study finds cyber-criminals are shifting tactics to favour multi-stage ransomware attacks that include stealing sensitive data to maximise damage and…

4 years ago

Indian Confirms Nuclear Power Station Hack

Well that's a tad worrying...India confirms its newest nuclear power plant has suffered cyberattack

5 years ago

Study Highlights ‘Relentless’ Attacks On Critical Infrastructure

A Ponemon Institute report finds critical systems being taken offline by cyber-attacks, with security teams struggling to gain a clear…

5 years ago

Government Implements Tough Rules To Protect Critical Infrastructure

New rules come into force and mean critical infrastructure providers must implement "robust safeguards" against cyber attack or face stiff…

6 years ago