Amazon AWS Puts Custom ARM Server Chip Into The Cloud

re:Invent 2018: AWS says the custom-built 'Graviton' chip, based on a design originally aimed at high-end smartphones, can slash costs…

6 years ago

ARM Chip Safeguards IoT Physical Security

The Cortex-M35P chip protects against proximity-based attacks that can target critical infrastructure

6 years ago

ARM And TSMC Complete Cortex-A57 ‘Tape Out’

ARM and TSMC have taped out the Cortex-A57 mobile chip...i.e. made it ready for mass fabrication

11 years ago

VIA Sells Android PC In Book-Shaped Cardboard Case

Android based Rock board in Paper housing. Will Via run with Scissors?

11 years ago

ARM Financial Results Beat Expectations

Intel and AMD struggle, while the UK chip designer reports record profits

12 years ago

ARM Unveils Big.Little, Low-Power Cortex-A7 Plan

ARM’s new Cortex-A7 is a key part of the company’s new Big.Little load-sharing mobile architecture

13 years ago