DoJ Charges Two Chinese Hackers Of IP And Coronavirus Vaccine Theft

As the US orders closure of Chinese consulate in Texas, the DoJ indites two Chinese hackers for IP theft and…

2 years ago

US Charges Four Chinese Military Officials Over Equifax Hack

The US Department of Justice has charged four Chinese military hackers with carrying out the 2017 breach of Equifax credit…

2 years ago

Julian Assange Faces New US Charges

Wikileaks co-founder has been hit with 17 new charges filed by the US Justice Department

3 years ago

D-Link Charged By US For Router Security Failures

Router maker allegedly failed to take reasonable security steps to protect data against hackers

5 years ago

HP Hit By Fresh Lawsuit Over Troubled Autonomy Deal

HP's headaches continue after it faces a fresh Autonomy lawsuit, and is accused of knowing it was a bad deal

9 years ago

Engineers Develop Voice-Powered Phone Charging

Engineers in South Korea are investigating a new way to charge mobile phones, using the human voice

11 years ago