China Bans Intel, AMD Chips, Windows OS From Government Computers

Beijing reportedly begins blocking the use of Intel and AMD chips in government computers, and sidelines Microsoft's Windows OS

3 months ago

China Drafts New Restrictions For Online Gaming

Draft rules by Beijing to curb excessive spending in online gaming, wipes nearly $80bn value off two Chinese gaming giants

6 months ago

China Not A Focus For Microsoft, Says Satya Nadella – Report

Microsoft boss confirms Microsoft is fine avoiding China, amid the ongoing national security concerns with Beijing

7 months ago

US Warns China Of Update To Chip Export Controls

Biden administration not blinking first, as Beijing is warned by US of imminent update to export rules on AI chips…

9 months ago

China Denies Issuing Ban On Apple iPhones

Chinese official denies reports Beijing ordered a ban on government staff using, or bringing into work, Apple iPhones

9 months ago

China Bans Government Officials From Using Apple iPhones – Report

Tensions with China continue to ramp up after Beijing reportedly bans government officials from using iPhones for work

9 months ago

China To Launch $40 Billion State Chip Fund – Report

Sanctions response. New state-backed investment fund is to be launched that seeks to raise $40 billion for China's semiconductor sector

9 months ago

China Urges Japan To Drop Chip Export Restrictions

Minister hits back and says China is “strongly dissatisfied with” Japan’s decision to halt the export of chipmaking equipment

1 year ago

Ex ByteDance Staffer Alleges Beijing Had ‘Supreme Access’ To All Data

Lawsuit from former ByteDance staffer alleges China’s Communist Party had “supreme access” to all TikTok data, including US servers

1 year ago

China Asks WTO To Scrutinise Chip Export Restrictions

Beijing seeks WTO help, and says it will “take decisive measures to safeguard its rights and interests” after Japan joined…

1 year ago

China ‘Deeply Concerned’ At US Halt Of Export Licences For Huawei

Beijing expresses “deep concern” at reports the US Commerce Department has stopped export licences for Huawei

1 year ago

US Official Threatens TikTok Closure If Oracle Deal Is Not Closed

US Treasure Secretary warns TikTok will be shut down if Oracle deal is not closed, after reports China won't approve…

4 years ago

China, Canada Sign Latest Pact Barring Economic Hacking

The deal follows a similar arrangement with the UK and is thought to signal a shift in Beijing's approach to…

7 years ago

IBM Opens Up Source Code To China In ‘Secure Room’

WSJ: IBM allows Chinese officials to view source code in bid to improve relations

9 years ago

Chinese Authorities Close 16 Websites After Coup Rumours

Comment function shut down on two microblogging platforms following the fall of a political leader

12 years ago

Beijing Uses Geolocation To Monitor ‘Traffic’

Mobile phone data may help Beijing's traffic flow but location information could be used for other purposes

13 years ago