Google Consolidates DeepMind And AI Research Teams

AI push sees Alphabet's Google saying it will consolidate its AI teams in its Research and DeepMind divisions

2 months ago

Google Fined 250 Million Euros By French Competition Watchdog

Another stiff fine against Google from French officials – this time 250 million euros for breaching IP rules to train…

3 months ago

Google To Pause Gemini AI’s Image Generation Of People

Image generation of historical people by Gemini (aka Bard) AI model is to be halted, amid inaccuracy criticisms

4 months ago

Google Rebrands Bard AI Chatbot As Gemini

Bard becomes Gemini, as Google rebrands chatbot and launches monthly subscription for access to more powerful AI system

4 months ago

Google Adds AI Chatbot Bard To Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs

Major expansion for Chatbot Bard as Google connects it to full suite tools including Google Docs, Gmail and YouTube

9 months ago

NCSC Warns Over AI Chatbot Cyber Risks

UK's cyber guardian, NCSC, issues warning to organisations integrating AI driven chatbots into their businesses

10 months ago

Researchers Disable AI Chatbot Safeguards

Researchers find automated way of removing guardrails that prevent ChatGPT, Bard, other AI chatbots from generating harmful content

11 months ago

Apple Developing ChatGPT AI Equivalent – Report

Report suggests Apple is quietly developing its own artificial intelligence tools to challenge those of OpenAI, Google etc

11 months ago

Anthropic Opens Rival AI Chatbot To Public

Challenge to OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google Bard, after Anthropic debuts Claude 2 AI chatbot, and opens it to public

11 months ago

Google’s Bard Sides With US Prosecutors In Antitrust Case

Google's Bard chatbot sides with US Department of Justice in advertising antitrust case, in latest embarrassment for tech giant

1 year ago

Google Releases Bard Chatbot To Public

Google releases Bard chatbot to limited number of users as it responds to unexpected popularity of Microsoft-backed ChatGPT

1 year ago

Google Shares Still Down After Bard AI ChatBot Blunder

Shares in Alphabet still down, days after launch of Google's AI powered chatbot was blighted by demo of flawed response

1 year ago