Tesla Ordered To Provide NHTSA With Autopilot Recall Data

US agency seeks data from Tesla on Autopilot recall, amid reports US prosecutors are probing possible securities or wire fraud

1 month ago

Tesla Settles Lawsuit Over Crash That Killed Apple Engineer

Undisclosed payment from Tesla to settle lawsuit over 2018 crash that involved its Autopilot driving software

2 months ago

Tesla Recalls 1.6 Million Cars In China Over Autopilot Issues

Tesla recalls more than 1.6 million vehicles in China over Autopilot safety issues, following similarly massive recall in US last…

5 months ago

Tesla Recalls Two Million Cars As Regulator Flags Autopilot Risk

Elon Musk's Tesla is to recall nearly every vehicle sold in the United States, after two-year NHTSA investigation

6 months ago

Autopilot Flaw Known By Tesla, Elon Musk, Judge Finds

US Judge finds “reasonable evidence” that Elon Musk and other Tesla managers knew of defect in Autopilot system

7 months ago

Tesla Wins US Trial Of Autopilot Fatal Crash

Victory for Tesla in first US trial that alleged its Autopilot driver system had resulted in fatal accident, and other…

8 months ago

NHTSA Squeezes Tesla For More Records In Autopilot Probe

US federal safety regulator demands updated records from Tesla, amid ongoing Autopilot safety investigation

12 months ago

Elon Musk Overstated Tesla Autopilot New Lawsuit Alleges

Elon Musk is being sued again as Tesla shareholders accuse the CEO of overstating self-driving tech and defrauding investors

1 year ago

Tesla Recalls 362,758 Cars, Warns FSD May Cause Crashes

Elon Musk's Tesla admits Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta software may cause crashes, issues recall for 362,758 vehicles

1 year ago

Tesla Executive Admits Self-Driving Video Was Staged

Damaging development? 2016 video used by Elon Musk to promote Tesla's self-driving tech was staged, senior engineer testifies

1 year ago

Tesla Driver Blames ‘Malfunctioning’ Self-driving Software After Crash

Driver claims his Tesla's Full-Self Driving (FSD) self-driving software malfunctioned after a crash that caused multiple injuries

1 year ago

Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta Open To All North American Drivers

Self-driving cars? Elon Musk opens up its previously limited self-driving beta program to all customers in North America who ordered…

2 years ago

Tesla Faces Criminal Probe Over Self-Driving Claims – Report

US regulatory investigation of Tesla's self-driving claims, reportedly also subject of a criminal investigation by US Department of Justice

2 years ago

Elon Musk Admits Tesla Driver System Won’t Gain Regulatory Approval In 2022

Not this year. Tesla's advanced driver assistant software won't gain regulatory approval in 2022, says Elon Musk

2 years ago

Tesla Sued Over Autopilot, FSD Claims

False advertising allegation. Lawsuit alleges Elon Musk and Tesla mislead by falsely advertising its Autopilot and Full Self-Driving features

2 years ago

Tesla Allowed To Continue Autonomous Driving Advertising In Germany

German court allows Tesla to continue referring to autonomous driving capabilities in its advertising, after industry body complaint

2 years ago

Tesla Sells 75 Percent Of Bitcoin Holdings

Bitcoin price slides after Elon Musk says cryptocurrency sale was to maximise Tesla's cash position after a shaky second quarter

2 years ago

Tesla Ordered To Refund Customer Over Autopilot Problems

Court in Germany orders Tesla to refund a customer thousands of dollars over problems with Autopilot driver's assistance system

2 years ago

Tesla Autopilot Head Resigns After Five Years

Big loss for Autopilot development? Tesla AI and Autopilot leader Andrej Karpathy confirms he has parted ways with the EV…

2 years ago

Tesla Cuts 200 Autopilot Jobs, Closes San Mateo Office – Report

More restructuring at Tesla with hundreds of bob losses and California office closure, where staff had worked on its driver…

2 years ago

US Agency Deepens Tesla Autopilot Investigation

Federal agency upgrades investigation into Tesla's Autopilot, in what is being touted as the first step before issuing a recall

2 years ago

US Regulator Launches Probe Into Tesla ‘Phantom Braking’

US auto safety regulator NHTSA launches preliminary inquiry into Tesla cars unexpectedly braking while on motorways in latest safety probe

2 years ago

Tesla Driver Charged With Manslaughter After Autopilot Crash

Criminal charges for the first time in fatal crash involving Tesla's Autopilot, as driver is charged with vehicular manslaughter

2 years ago

Lady Gives Birth Whilst Tesla Used Autopilot

Tesla Autopilot in the headlines again, as it is engaged by husband to drive car to hospital as his wife…

2 years ago

Tesla Recalls 12,000 US Cars Over Software Glitch

NHTSA confirms Tesla is recalling 12,000 vehicles in the US over a 'software communication error' involving its FSD beta program

3 years ago

Tesla Reaches $1 Trillion Valuation

Car maker Tesla now worth at least double that of Toyota, Volkswagen and Ford combined, after breaching $1 trillion market…

3 years ago

US Watchdog Asks Tesla Why No Recall Over Autopilot Change

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration questions lack of recall of Tesla's Autopilot, amid official investigation of the driver assistance system

3 years ago

Texas Police Officers Sue Tesla, Allege Autopilot Is Unsafe

Lawsuit in Texas against Tesla raises Autopilot safety concerns again, after Model X crashed into two police cruisers

3 years ago

US Regulator Opens Official Investigation Of Tesla Autopilot

Federal vehicle safety regulator in the US launches formal investigation of Tesla’s Autopilot, after a series of fatal crashes

3 years ago

Tesla In-Car Cameras To Monitor Driver Awareness

Tesla begins using cameras mounted above rear-view mirror to monitor driver awareness while Autopilot is active, but says data won't…

3 years ago