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Cruise Denies Its Autonomous Car Sought To Evade Police

No headlights. Police in San Francisco pull over self-driving car operated by Cruise, but it proceeded to drives off down…

1 month ago

CES 2022: GM To Introduce Personal Autonomous Car By 2025

Bold timeline? CEO of General Motors (GM) said the American car group aims to introduce a “personal autonomous vehicle” by…

5 months ago

Driverless Car Trial For Milton Keynes By Month End – Report

Summon a car via an app. Major trial of driverless cars to start in Milton Keynes, but will not include…

5 months ago

Apple Car Details Exposed In Patent Filings – Report

Want to know the potential features of Apple's forthcoming car? Apple patents for Project Titan has revealed some noteworthy ideas

5 months ago

Intel To List Self-driving Car unit Mobileye

Public offering planned for Intel's self-driving-car unit Mobileye next year, but Intel says it will retain ownership after floatation

6 months ago

Apple Targets 2025 For Fully Autonomous Car – Report

Tech giant is reportedly accelerating the development of its long-rumoured electric car, and is focusing on full self-driving capabilities

6 months ago

Alphabet’s Waymo Raises $2.5 Billion Funding

Fresh round of investment into self-driving division of Alphabet, to help grow Waymo and develop its autonomous driving tech

11 months ago

Waymo Taxi In Arizona Confused By Blocked Road

Self-driving Waymo taxi blocks road after lane is closed down, and it escapes the roadside assistance staff sent to fix…

1 year ago

Telsa Executives Says Fatal ‘Driverless’ Crash Had Driver

Tesla contradicts official investigators and insist deformed steering wheel shows someone was behind the wheel at fatal crash

1 year ago

Toyota Buys Lyft’s Autonomous Car Unit for $550m

Japanese car maker Toyota acquires the autonomous vehicle division of ride-hailing firm Lyft, after four years of development

1 year ago

Fatal Tesla Crash: Elon Musk Says Autopilot Not Engaged

Tesla boss Elon Musk says Tesla Autopilot was not engaged during fatal crash in Texas, despite investigators insisting no one…

1 year ago

Microsoft Cloud To Help Volkswagen Self-Driving Push

German car maker Volkswagen expands Microsoft partnership to use Azure cloud services to help it develop self-driving cars

1 year ago

Tesla To Recall 135,000 Vehicles In US

World's most valuable car maker Tesla is to recall over one hundred thousand vehicles in US over faulty touchscreen displays

1 year ago

Trump Pardons Former Google Engineer Anthony Levandowski

Engineer who stole self-driving car secrets from Google's Waymo division, receives pardon from outgoing US President Donald Trump

1 year ago

Microsoft Invests In GM’s Cruise For Self-Driving Future

Software giant confirms it is part of a $2 billion investment in GM's Cruise self-driving unit, which will utilise Azure…

1 year ago

US Regulators Begin Consultation On Self-Driving Car Safety

Authorities begin public consultation on ways to improve self-driving car safety, ahead of new safety standards for autonomous vehicles

2 years ago

Waymo Awarded $128m Over Staff Move To Uber

Arbitrators award Waymo $128 million over Uber's use of stolen technology after employee defection to rival driverless car division

2 years ago

‘An alliance is being forged between 5G and artificial intelligence’

INTERVIEW: Rui Inácio, Head of Consultancy and Solutions at Vilicom has over 15 years of experience in the telecommunications industry,…

3 years ago

BT: ‘5G will make mass IoT deployments across the UK a reality’

Chris Sims is the MD of Strategy for BT Enterprise. He leads BT’s 5G strategy for businesses and public sector…

3 years ago

Tesla Promises Autonomous Taxi Fleets By Mid-2020

Elon Musk predicts 'difficult software problem' holding back self-driving cars will be solved by the end of this year

3 years ago