Bird Attack Forces Google To Suspend Drone Deliveries

Angry birds! Google Wing delivery drones in the Australia capital of Canberra have been grounded after being attacked by ravens

2 months ago

No Drone At Gatwick, Claims Former Drone Executive

There was no drone? Doubt cast on repeated drone sightings that closed Gatwick airport for days during the Christmas period…

3 months ago

UK Drone Users Register Today Or Risk £1,000 Fine

British drone pilots have until today to register or risk a £1,000 fine. But will criminals and rogue drone operators…

2 years ago

Near Miss With Drone At Gatwick Airport

Rogue drone came within 20m (65ft) of a passenger plane as it flew in to Gatwick Airport in July

2 years ago

Smartphone App Can Quickly Locate Drone Pilots

Smartphone app can “remotely identify airborne drones” as well as pinpointing the location of its pilot

2 years ago

Drone Pilots Risk £1,000 Fine If Not Registered

£1,000 fine if drone pilots, including kids, don't register, pass a theory test and get a £9-a-year licence

2 years ago

Gatwick Drone Operators Had ‘Detailed Knowledge’ Of Airport

Inside job. Suspicion grows that drone operators who shut down Gatwick airport had inside knowledge

2 years ago

BT Launches Counter Drone Solution

Worried about intruding drones? BT has the answer after it launches its Counter Drone Solution

2 years ago

No Drunk Drone Driving, Warns Japan

Prison sentence on the cards for people who fly drones whilst drunk, after Japan passes new law

2 years ago

European Union Publishes Drone Usage Laws

No more wild west? More regulations for drone operators with set of common rules for the region

2 years ago

Drone No-Fly Zone Extended After Gatwick Closure

Airport no-fly zone for drones to be extended to three mile radius after Christmas chaos at Gatwick

3 years ago

Drone Shutdown Of Gatwick Airport Ends As Runway Reopens

Chaos at UK's second busiest airport eases as Gatwick reopens runaway after prolific drone disruption

3 years ago

Drones Halt Flights At Gatwick Airport

Sightings of drones at airfield halts flights at Gatwick airport, causing significant disruption and delays

3 years ago

Drone Conference Examines Security And Safety Implications

Experts discuss safeguarding against drones that pose increasing threats to prisons, airports and public safety

5 years ago

Deutsche Telekom Prepares Anti-Drone Defence System

The system will look to protect airports, car test tracks, stadiums and critical infrastructure from drone snooping

5 years ago