AI Safety Summit

AI Safety Summit 2024: Tech Firms Agree AI Safety Pledges

Second AI Safety Summit sees major players in the AI space pledge to develop the technology safely, amid rapid advances

1 month ago

UK AI Safety Institute To Open Office In US

Seeking collaboration on AI regulation, UK's AI Safety Institute to cross Atlantic and will open office in San Francisco

1 month ago

UK, US Sign Agreement To Test AI Safety

Landmark agreement between United States and United Kingdom to work together to develop tests for advanced AI models

3 months ago

Big Names Join President Biden’s ‘AI Safety Institute Consortium’

AI giants as well as many other businesses and organisations have join President Biden's AI Safety Institute Consortium

4 months ago

GCHQ Releases Unseen Photos Of WW2 Colossus Computer

Unseen pictures of Colossus, considered the world's first digital computer, released to public by UK intelligence agency

5 months ago

AI Safety Summit 2023: Musk Tells PM AI Will End Work

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Elon Musk sit down for a conversation in London as AI Safety Summit concludes

8 months ago

AI Safety Summit 2023: UK To Invest £225m For AI Supercomputer

UK government says it will invest £225m ($273m) for AI supercomputer as it seeks to bolster its AI credentials with…

8 months ago

AI Safety Summit 2023: UK, US, China, EU Sign Declaration Of AI’s Danger

Bletchley Declaration sees major nations all agreed that artificial intelligence poses a potential catastrophic risk to humanity

8 months ago

AI Safety Summit 2023: Elon Musk Says Summit Seeks AI Referee

Elon Musk says summit seeks to establish “third-party referee” for AI companies, as Kamala Harris calls for “urgent action” on…

8 months ago

AI Safety Summit 2023: Who Is Attending Summit At Bletchley Park?

World's first AI summit begins at Bletchley Park, with PM Rishi Sunak, US Vice-President Kamala Harris, Elon Musk among those…

8 months ago

PM Rishi Sunak Outlines AI Risks, Cautions Against Rush To Regulation

Artificial intelligence will transform lives says PM, but getting it wrong could make it easier to build chemical or biological…

8 months ago

UK Government Details AI Safety Summit Ambitions

Government announces key objectives for the global AI Safety Summit in November, being held at Bletchley Park

10 months ago

Silicon UK Pulse: Your Tech News Update: Episode 16

Welcome to Silicon UK Pulse – your roundup of the latest tech news and developments impacting your business for the…

10 months ago