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UK AI Safety Institute To Open Office In US

Seeking collaboration on AI regulation, UK's AI Safety Institute to cross Atlantic and will open office in San Francisco

4 weeks ago

Creating Deepfake Porn Without Consent To Become A Crime

People who create sexually explicit ‘deepfakes’ of adults will face prosecution under a new law in England and Wales

2 months ago

UK, US Sign Agreement To Test AI Safety

Landmark agreement between United States and United Kingdom to work together to develop tests for advanced AI models

3 months ago

Microsoft To Invest £2.5 Billion To Bolster UK AI, Data Centres

Prime Minister and Chancellor welcome Microsoft's £2.5 billion investment to expand AI data centre infrastructure

7 months ago

PM Rishi Sunak Outlines AI Risks, Cautions Against Rush To Regulation

Artificial intelligence will transform lives says PM, but getting it wrong could make it easier to build chemical or biological…

8 months ago

CIA Builds Own Artificial Intelligence Tool – Report

US intelligence agency, the CIA, is reportedly building its own AI tool to assist in its intelligence gathering activities

9 months ago

UK Government Details AI Safety Summit Ambitions

Government announces key objectives for the global AI Safety Summit in November, being held at Bletchley Park

10 months ago

UK Appoints Tech Expert, Diplomat To Head AI Safety Summit

Two leading experts announced to spearhead the UK's AI Safety Summit in Autumn, proposed by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

10 months ago

UK To Host First Global Safety Summit For AI

During PM visit to Washington DC , government confirms UK will host first global summit on Artificial Intelligence (AI) safety

1 year ago

Downing Street Acknowledges ‘Existential’ Risk Of AI

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has met the heads of firms including DeepMind and OpenAI to discuss AI safety and regulation

1 year ago

Elon Musk Meets US Lawmakers To Discuss AI Regulation

Elon Musk meets with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and others, after being spotted on Capitol Hill on Wednesday

1 year ago

US Government Looks To Establish Rules For AI

US Commerce Department requests public comments on AI accountability measures, in first step for AI governance rules

1 year ago

Government Sets Out ‘Adaptable’ AI Plan

White paper sets out UK government's approach to artificial intelligence (AI) and seeks feedback from AI professionals

1 year ago

AI and Public Standards

As the Committee on Standards in Public Life release their awaited report considering AI and its impact on the delivery…

4 years ago