Advertising Standards Authority

UK Watchdog Warns 50 Crypto Firms Of ‘Misleading Ads’

Enforcement notices dispatched. The UK's Advertising Standards Authority puts 50 crypto firms on notice over 'misleading ads'

2 years ago

O2 Coverage Advert Banned By ASA

Advert by O2 that claimed it had the best coverage citing an uSwitch survey, has been banned by the Advertising…

3 years ago

Vodafone Gigafast Ad Banned After Virgin Complaint

Gigafast broadband service advert gets Vodafone into hot water with advertising watchdog

5 years ago

Fibre Broadband Advertising Probe Launched Into Copper ‘Last Mile’ Connections

Watchdog probe on broadband services being adbvertised as 'fibre', when it utilises copper connections

7 years ago

TalkTalk Chastised Over Budget Broadband Advert

Another week, another misleading broadband advert as TalkTalk is pinged by advertising watchdog

10 years ago

BT and TalkTalk Censured Over Broadband Adverts

TalkTalk and BT used misleading broadband adverts, according to the latest ASA ruling

12 years ago

Virgin Media Broadband Advert Provokes ASA Ban

Virgin Media has once again fallen foul of the Advertising Standards Authority

12 years ago

TalkTalk Revises Speed Checker After ASA Smackdown

TalkTalk is ordered to change its broadband speed checker after the ASA said it was misleading customers over line speeds

12 years ago

BT Ads Banned After Virgin Complaint

BT has been banned from showing adverts that promise 'unbeatable' Infinity broadband speeds

12 years ago

ASA Slaps Motorola Over Misleading Atrix Advert

Motorola has been banned by the advertising watchdog from repeating a misleading Atrix advert

13 years ago

BT Rapped Again By ASA Over Broadband Advert

BT has been pinged by the Advertising Standards Authority yet again, following complaints over BT's advertised broadband speeds

14 years ago

BT Reprimanded Over Fibre Advert Claims

Another communications provider is in trouble with the advertising regulator, after BT boasted that its fibre-based service could deliver the…

14 years ago