Nokia CEO Predicts 2030 Arrival For 6G, But Not On Smartphone

Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark offers his predictions as to arrival of 6G connectivity in this decade, and touts potential end…

1 month ago

Vodafone To Switch Off 3G Network Next Year

Mobile operators press ahead with early retirement of old networks, as Vodafone sets 2023 deadline for switch off of 3G…

5 months ago

UK’s 2G, 3G Networks Switched Off By 2033, Government Says

2G and 3G mobile networks will be phased out by 2033 under government plan to help telecom suppliers deliver 5G…

7 months ago

BT Confirms 3G Service Will Be ‘Retired’ In 2023

BT 3G connectivity will be retired in 2023, as carrier pledges to make 5G connectivity available in 90 percent of…

12 months ago

Apple Threatens UK Exit Over Patent Dispute

Patent trolling...Lawyers for American tech giant say Apple could quit UK market over patent dispute with Optis Cellular Technology

12 months ago

Coronavirus: YouTube Clamps Down On Videos Linking 5G To Covid-19

Fuelled by ill-informed celebrities, Google's YouTube bans all conspiracy theory videos falsely linking Coronavirus to 5G networks, after masts vandalised

2 years ago

Vodafone Offers Indoor 3G Coverage To Pubs And Rural Community Centres

Vodafone looks to femtocells again in latest rural mobile coverage push

6 years ago

Qualcomm Teams Up With Xiaomi For Super-Powered Smartphones

Chinese phone maker will be able to use Qualcomm’s patents for future Xiaomi devices

7 years ago

Thousands Of Miles Of UK Road ‘Has No Phone Signal’

RAC warns that lack of signal could be life-threatening for stranded motorists

7 years ago

Five Affordable Ways To Boost Your Business Broadband

Matt Powell, editor for the broadband comparison website BroadbandGenie.co.uk, shares his top tips on getting the most from your broadband

7 years ago

Three Suffers Nationwide Mobile Data Outage

Customers across the UK hit by 3G and 4G drop across Three network this morning

7 years ago

UK 2G Networks Might Outlast 3G As Operators Turn to LTE

Ovum says operators will turn resources to 4G LTE, but not until 2020

7 years ago

15,000 Child Refugees Benefit From Vodafone Foundation’s School In A Box

Vodafone Foundation's Instant Classroom created to bring tablet-based teaching to refugee camps

7 years ago

Revealed: The Best Mobile Network For London’s Commuters

1 in 3 attempts to get online and 1 in 7 voice calls on popular commuter train routes fail, GWS…

8 years ago

Intel Creates ‘World’s Smallest’ 3G Modem For IoT

Intel says its new modem will fit in more devices, be cheaper and more reliable

8 years ago

Vodafone Sure Signal Premium Promises To Boost Indoor Mobile Coverage For Businesses

Small cell-powered Vodafone Sure Signal Premium targets mobile-dependent large and medium sized businesses

8 years ago

Vodafone To Avoid Ofcom Action After Meeting 3G Coverage Requirements

Vodafone meets 3G license requirement, six months after everyone else

8 years ago

EE And Vodafone Agree To Provide Channel Tunnel 4G

Operators to provide 2G, 3G and 4G services to passengers travelling from the UK to France

8 years ago

EC Approves In-Flight 3G And 4G As EASA Relaxes Take-off Rules

Europe approves mobile use above 3,000 metres as EASA says tablets and smartphones can be used during take-off and landing

9 years ago

Vodafone To Meet Ofcom 3G Coverage Target – Six Months Late

Vodafone'plans to upgrade more masts to meet Ofcom's target of 90 percent 3G coverage by the end of 2013

9 years ago

Why Small Cells will Win Big

Mobile devices need a lot more network capacity. Kevin Baughan reckons small cells are the way to provide it

9 years ago

Vodafone Uses Open Femto to Fill Shetland 3G Not-Spot

Shared femtos fill in 3G coverage at Walls in Shetland

9 years ago

Three Data Down For Customers Across UK

Three apologises following a fairly significant 3G outage

9 years ago

Dell Launches Built-In Mobile Broadband For Business Across Europe

Twelve devices in the Dell store are ready to get online out of the box, using Telefonica’s network

9 years ago

MWC 2013: Cisco Products Aim At Monetising ‘Data In Motion’

New Cisco software and hardware to be shown at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week is designed to help…

9 years ago

Telefonica Vodafone Network Sharing Joint-Venture Given Approval

Ofcom and Office of Fair Trading approve network sharing initiative, paving the way for shared 4G infrastructure

10 years ago

Virgin Media Business To Offer Small Cell Wholesale Service

Virgin Media Business is offering small cell networks to ease mobile operators' capacity burden

10 years ago

Orange And T-Mobile To Live On? You Must Be CrazEE

Orange and T-Mobile are already doing the danse macabre after yesterday's EE launch, says Tom Brewster

10 years ago

Video: 3G Vs 4G On EE

Just how much faster can you download apps on 4G? Much, much faster it seems

10 years ago

UK Networks Wait As French Provide Channel Tunel 3G

North tunnel ready to go but Eurotunnel passengers must wait for UK networks to sign

10 years ago