3D Printing

Print Your Own: The State of Additive Manufacturing

3D printing, or additive manufacturing (AM), looked set to revolutionise how products would be created. Today, from hobbyists to advanced…

4 months ago

Print Your Own: The State of 3D Printing

What’s happening with industrial 3D printing? How are businesses using the technology? And what’s the future look like for this…

10 months ago

Neo Factory: The State of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 initiatives are transforming factories in a myriad of industries, from aerospace and health care to plastics and shipping.…

11 months ago

5G Connected Smart Bandages To Monitor Wounds

The bandages are to use nano-sensors to detect wound conditions, relaying this and other patient data to doctors over 5G…

5 years ago

IT life: Nick Lazaridis, HP Inc.

Nick Lazaridis, HP Inc's President for Europe, the Middle East and Africa talks about his career in IT and the…

5 years ago

World Economic Forum Urges ‘Balanced’ Regulation For AI & Transformative Tech

Ahead of event in Davos, World Economic Forum (WEF) says regulation needs to be balanced to maximise benefits and mitigate…

5 years ago

Web Summit 2016: Tech Leaders Talk AI, 3D Printing, Digitisation And FinTech

Leading figures from Cisco, Facebook, Accenture and others talk about the future of technology at Web Summit 2016 in Lisbon

5 years ago

How 3D Printing Will Change Your Industry

3D printing is on the verge of becoming a mainstream technology but how will it change your business?

5 years ago

SAP Partners With Airbus Division For 3D-Printed Aircraft Parts

3D-printed aerospace components look to reduce weight and boost efficiency

5 years ago

Microsoft Adds Network 3D Printer Support For Windows 10 IoT Core

Network 3D Printer app connects 3D printers via Wi-Fi to Windows 10 IoT Core devices like Raspberry Pi

5 years ago

SAP And UPS Offer ‘On Demand’ 3D Printing

SAP and UPS combine software and logistics to let customers order parts instantly - if it's cheaper than traditional manufacturing

5 years ago

HP Jet Fusion 3D Is ‘First Production Ready’ Commercial 3D Printer

Nike and BMW among companies signed up for HP Jet Fusion 3D printers, which will be made available to businesses…

5 years ago

Ricoh Launches Its First 3D Printer

The Ricoh AM S5500P will look to target automotive and manufacturing industries in particular

6 years ago

Super Fast Circuit Board Printer Wins Dyson Prize

The Voltera V-One, designed by four Canadian graduates, prints functioning circuit boards in a matter of minutes

6 years ago

Canon Unveils Its View Of The Future Of Printing

Canon shows off its wide range of 3D and 2.5D ‘textured’ printing

6 years ago

Get Ready – The Age Of The 3D Printer Is Coming

Gartner report forecasts 103 percent rise in 3D printer shipments next year as total numbers hit 5.6m by 2019

6 years ago

3D Printing Now ‘Mainstream’ In Health Care

3D printing technology is set to move into the manufacture of living tissues for human transplant, according to Gartner

6 years ago

Why The Future Of The UK’s Manufacturing Economy Relies On Today’s STEM Talent

Proto Labs' Damian Hennessey discusses how the UK manufacturing industry can play its part in nurturing next-generation STEM talent

6 years ago

Get Ready For The Age Of 3D Printed Medicine

Use of 3D printing technology gets approval from the FDA regulatory body in the US

6 years ago

The Hype Of 3D Printing Seems To Be Over

Stratasys' quarterly results reflect global downturn in demand for 3D printing

6 years ago

3D Printing – The ‘Logical Technology’ Set To Change The World

Health and manufacturing industries will push boundaries of printing innovation, Gartner analyst tells TechWeekEurope

6 years ago

Carbon3D Printer ‘Grows’ Objects From Pool Of Liquid

Terminator film used as inspiration of new 3D printer that “grows” objects from a pool of liquid

7 years ago

Fujitsu Wants To Digitalise Businesses With ‘Human-Centric’ Technology

Fujitsu says European firms can become more efficient with technology like 3D printing and the IoT

7 years ago

Graduates Launch ‘Pi-Top’, The World’s First 3D-Printed Laptop

The Raspberry Pi-based Pi-Top is designed to teach users to design and assemble their own devices

7 years ago

HP Finally Makes First 3D Printing Move With Multi Jet Fusion

Revolutionary open-source platform should pave the way for cheaper and more effective 3D printing, HP says

7 years ago

3D Printing Market Set To Double Every Year Until 2018 – Gartner

Gartner predicts cheaper printers and more advanced tech will boost a growing 3D printing market

7 years ago

HP To Announce Enterprise-Focused 3D Printing Strategy By June

The company is developing 3D printers for business users andsays it solved problems related to the quality of substrates

8 years ago

By 2040, There Could Be A 3D Printer In Every Home

An infographic looks at the current state of 3D printing technology, and its glorious future

8 years ago

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Admits To Chipmaker’s Past Mobile Failings

Brian Krzanich reveals close partnership with Apple as well as a taste for PB&J Sandwiches during Reddit Ask Me Anything…

8 years ago

Dell Partners With Makerbot To Sell 3D Printers

Dell will begin reselling range of six Makerbot 3D printing and scanning devices from 20 February

8 years ago