JavaScript Community Is Taken In By The Linux Foundation

Linux Foundation will oversee the JS Foundation’s bid to act as a hub for the JavaScript community as projects become more important to business

The JavaScript Foundation (JS Foundation) has been taken under the wings of the Linux Foundation, which will now support the development and sustainability of the language as it becomes increasingly important to business applications.

It is hoped the union will help assist the development and quality of JavaScript application and server-side projects and allow the community to develop best practices, promote high standards and collaborate with one another.

The JS Foundation has a new governance structure, membership programme and as an open source project, it will accept contributions from anyone at any time.

JS Foundation structure

microsoftThe idea is that the Foundation will offer guidance and direction to the community while fostering the creation of client and server side application libraries, mobile application testing frameworks, JavaScript engines, and applications that push the current boundaries of JavaScript.

“The JS Foundation aims to support a vast array of technologies that complement projects throughout the entire JavaScript ecosystem,” said Kris Borchers, executive director, JS Foundation. “JavaScript is a pervasive technology, blurring the boundaries between server, client, cloud and IoT. We welcome any projects, organizations or developers looking to help bolster the JavaScript community and inspire the next wave of growth for application development.”

Backers include IBM and Samsung, both of whom have given their approval to the structure and membership programme. In particular, the IoT, Cloud and wearables are seen as areas that JavaScript can make a significant contribution.

“This is an exciting time for the JavaScript community,” said Angel Diaz, IBM Vice President of Cloud Technology and Architecture. “By bringing together the community around core platform technologies and the application tier with the JS Foundation, the industry is establishing a centre of gravity to drive innovation in the open through code, collaboration and community development.

“We’re proud to continue our long tradition of supporting open tech communities by becoming a founding member of the JS Foundation, which we believe will set the bar for openly governed JavaScript projects.”

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