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New 10W Reed Relay from Pickering Electronics Suits High-PCB-Density Applications

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Pickering Electronics, the reed relay company which has pioneered
miniaturization and high performance for over 50 years, has added a new
10W-rated reed relay to its successful 4mm2TM product family
which features devices that occupy a PCB footprint of only 4mm x 4mm,
facilitating the highest packing density currently available. Series 122
relays measure 12.5mm in height and are rated with a switching current
of 0.5A at 10W. 3V and 5V coils are available.

Fast operate and release times, typically 150 μs or less, make Series
122 relays ideal for high speed test systems such as A.T.E. switching
matrices or multiplexers. The 1 Form A (SPST) Normally Open (NO)
Energize-to-make devices feature highest-quality, instrumentation-grade
sputtered-ruthenium switches and plastic packages with internal mu-metal
magnetic screening to avoid the risk of magnetic interaction issues in
densely-packed applications. Devices have an insulation resistance of
greater than 1012Ω and are 100%-tested for dynamic contact
resistance to guarantee performance.

Comments Graham Dale, technical director at Pickering Electronics: “The
Series 120 – our first 4mm2TM product – was launched with a
switching rating of up to 1A at 20W and a height of 15.5mm. Last year,
the Series 124 reduced this profile to 9.5mm but with a slightly lower
rating of 0.5A at 5W. This new Series 122 device, therefore, fills the
gap, providing customers with the flexibility they need to design in a
product that exactly matches their requirements.”

For ease of servicing/replacement, relays maybe socketed using SMD or
through-hole sockets. However, care must be taken to mitigate the risk
of affecting contact resistance integrity.

About Pickering Electronics

Pickering Electronics was formed over 50 years ago to design and
manufacture high quality reed relays for use in high-end
Instrumentation, Automatic Test Equipment and Semiconductor Switching.
Today, Pickering’s Single-in-Line (SIL/SIP) range is by far the most
developed in the relay industry with devices 25% the size of many
competitors. Pickering manufacture in the UK as well as mainland Europe
in the Czech Republic and sell direct or via their agents and
distributor network throughout the world.