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Medliminal Launches an Employee-centric Medical Advocacy Program

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Medliminal, a company that identifies non-compliant charges on medical
bills, launched a new program today aimed at saving employees money by
reducing their medical spend. Medliminal’s Health Savings Program (HSP)
eliminates noncompliant charges from an employee’s or the employee’s
dependent’s medical bill, saving the individual from over-paying on a
claim. The HSP also saves the employer money by eliminating wasteful
spending from the employer’s medical plan.

Medliminal specializes in medical cost containment and offers their
clients focused and innovative solutions and services through their
advanced Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology, known as H-CAT™.
This technology coupled with their trained medical staff identifies
non-compliant charges for all payers on a national level and allows
Medliminal to act as a medical advocate for the individual.

How does HSP help employers?

The Health Savings Program is designed to lower the overall healthcare
spend for employers. By identifying non-compliant charges, the HSP will
reduce the amount that employers spend on unnecessary medical costs. On
top of that, employers have access to the Health Savings Dashboard (HSD)
featuring customizable analytics. With this tool, employers are able to
pull custom reports and track medical cost savings analytics by
division, location or medical facility.

How does HSD assist employees?

One of the trademarks of the Health Savings Program is the Dashboard
feature. Employees will have access to the secure online Dashboard where
they can submit bills for review, view the status of their bills, learn
about their state’s health care laws, and more. The Dashboard will also
be available as an app, where users are welcome to upload their bills by
simply submitting a photo taken on their mobile device. Once a bill is
submitted, employees will receive updates throughout the process and
will be notified when the review is complete.

“The Medliminal team has put in a lot of time, thought, and creativity
into this project,” said Malaina Hofnagle, Director of the Consumer
Division. “One of our main goals was to make the Dashboard as
user-friendly and comprehensive as possible. We wanted to help the
average person lower their medical costs and that starts with their
ability to navigate the Dashboard. Overall, we’re very excited to
provide this service to a larger audience and can’t wait to see the

Medliminal’s VP of Operations, Jordan Hill, commented as well, stating
“I’m proud of our team and the final product that we were able to
create. We all saw the Dashboard at different stages and it has truly
been a collective effort to create a simplistic, practical user
experience.” Jim Napoli, Medliminal’s CEO, adds “Medliminal has been
working on this service for some time. In an industry where transparency
is sorely missing, Medliminal will shine a critical light on billing
practices through our HSP service. In doing so, we will protect
employees and employers alike against paying baseless medical bill

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