Quiz Of The Week: Mobile Apps

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Are you clued up on mobile apps? Test your mettle with our weekly quiz

Apps are everywhere these days. In fact, we’re now entering into the application economy, the name given to the massive boom surrounding mobile apps and the way they’re changing how business works. Most businesses now have an app for their service. From eBay to EasyJet, if you can’t access it from a smartphone then your business is losing out.

The gaming app industry is also a massive economy. Did you know that Supercell, the Finnish developer behind the hit freemium game Clash of Clans, hauls in revenues of over $1 million a day from players purchasing in-app upgrades.

The following questions, some silly, and some downright difficult, will test your mettle in the world of mobile apps. Will you come out as a successful app-rentice or will you fail to get our app-roval?

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