MWC 2015 – Microsoft Details Windows 10 Mobile Vision And Promises Lumia Flagship

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Microsoft says mobility should focus on the user, not the device and says a Lumia flagship for Windows 10 is in the works

Microsoft has provided more details on how it sees mobile devices fitting into the converged platform offered by Windows 10, and has promised that a flagship Lumia device is on its way.

The company unveiled Windows 10 last month, promising the operating system would deliver a consistent experience across PCs, tablets, smartphones and beyond, and launched a technical preview for the mobile version last month.

It hopes that by unifying Windows across multiple form factors, developers will be encouraged to create universal applications for all device types and that Windows PC users can be converted in Windows smartphone users too.

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Windows 10 MWC (2) “We should not obsess on the mobility of devices, but instead we are focused on the mobility of the experiences and that is where we have shifted our focus,” said Stephen Elop, head of Microsoft’s devices and services unit. “From devices with the smallest screens to devices with the largest screens to devices with no devices at all –We will create new experiences.

“Developers can build applications once and deliver those applications across multiple types of Windows device.”

Microsoft showed off universal apps for Maps, Cortana and Office, as well as the company’s new ‘Project Spartan’ web browser. Elop said that features like Skype, OneDrive, Cortana, Outlook and Xbox Live would entice people to Windows 10, but added that it wanted to share these apps with iOS and Android in a bid to tempt users of other platforms to the Windows mobile ecosystem.

“At the same time, we at Microsoft are extending our signature experiences to other platforms,” he said. “It is our hope that these cross-platform initiatives will not only deliver great experiences not just on our platforms but on all platforms, because ultimately what we want to do is to serve our customers where they work but also bring them back to Windows.”

Microsoft used MWC to reveal the Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL mid-range handsets and said that its initial focus was on the affordable sector because it’s where the market is growing. However the company promised a flagship device would accompany the launch of Windows 10 and that it wanted to bring as many manufacturing partners as possible on board.

“Throughout this year, you should expect a steady drumbeat of information about Windows 10 and our device line-up,” he said.

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