MWC 2015: Peel Lets You Control Your Home With Your Smartphone

peel smart home

Technology will come pre-installed on latest smartphones from HTC and Samsung

Smartphone users will soon be able to control their home using their mobile device thanks to an app that is looking to make your home smarter than ever.

TV remote app Peel, which works across iOS and Android devices, has announced it will be upgrading its services to now cover a wide range of smart home electronics, including smart thermostats, lighting, air conditioners, locks, and other home appliances.

The updated Peel app will also work on some of the biggest and best mobile devices announced at MWC 2015 – the HTC One M9 and Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.

peel smart homeOne app to rule them all

The updated service will use various connection modes, including IR, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and new interface screens, to let users create whole-room pre-sets that involve multiple appliances. This could mean simultaneously turning on the TV and sound system, closing the blinds, adjusting room temperature, and lowering the lights, all with the tap of one button.

Launched only 30 months ago, Peel, which hit the headlines a few months ago following a $50 million investment from Chinese internet giant Alibaba, now comes preloaded on more than half of all Android phones and tablets sold. The company says its service handles over seven billion infrared (IR) remote commands each month and has more than 100 million users worldwide.

“Our customers have pushed us to extend our universal remote capabilities beyond TVs, set-top boxes and other entertainment devices to include additional categories of home electronics,” said Peel co-founder and chief product officer Bala Krishnan.

“What they are looking for, and what we will provide, is a unified, multi-device, intelligent home experience controlled from a single smart remote app.”

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