£1,000 iPhone X Is Now Available In the UK

iPhone X encourages queues and fanfare as Apple’s magic touch returns

The iPhone X is now available in the UK, with Apple fans queuing outside stores in London and elsewhere to get their hands on the device, despite the fact pre-orders opened last Friday. 

Pronounced ‘iPhone 10’, the handset was one of two announced by the company in September. The iPhone 8 offered a cheaper, more incremental upgrade whereas the iPhone X was seen as a more generational shift. 

It offers an all-screen 5.8 inch OLED display, stainless steel design, facial recognition and Apple’s A11 chip which promises machine learning, augmented reality (AR) and immersive 3D applications. There are also mutli-tasking options for business users. 

iPhone X

IPhone X launch 

This comes at a cost, however. The iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone ever, starting at £999 for the 64GB model and £1,149 for the 256GB model. This will be cheaper with a contract from one of the major operators, or in the US, where the price in dollars is the same as it is in pounds. 

The iPhone X has reignited the fanfare that traditionally surrounded the earlier iPhone models but had been muted in recent years amid concerns about Apple’s continued ability to innovate rather than iterate. 

Even Apple had stopped encouraging customers to queue outside its stores, but on this occasion it suggested they turn up early to get their hands on the device. 

Silicon readers are split on the new phone however. Only a fifth plan to get the iPhone X at launch, with a further eight percent saying they will do so when their contract is up. Twenty-seven percent say they might get one in the future, but 46 percent are adamant they will never get an iPhone X – possibly Android loyalists or Apple users put off by the huge price tag. 

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