Silicon Readers Not Impressed By £1,000 iPhone X

IPHONE X: Results of our poll show the most expensive iPhone ever isn’t an immediate must have for our readers


Just over a quarter of Silicon readers say they will definitely be getting an iPhone X, with nearly half claiming they will never buy the most expensive iPhone ever.

The iPhone X is set to debut later this year, after the iPhone 8 which is now available in the UK, boasting an all-OLED display handset with face-tracking technology and multitasking features that should appeal to professional users. 

It’s the most significant upgrade in years, but only 27.8 percent of you will be upgrading – at least for now. 

iPhone X demand


iPhone X poll

Apple attracts brand loyalty like no other company in the technology space, and 19.9 percent of you said you would be buying the handset no matter what the cost. A further 7.9 percent said they would be purchasing the iPhone X once their contract was up, clearly hoping to get a subsidised handset.

And Apple will be encouraged by a further 26.5 percent of respondents who said they had no plans to get an iPhone X right now, but could do so in the future.

That leaves 45.7 percent who said they would never get one. Perhaps they’re looking at the iPhone 8 as a cheaper alternative, or they prefer to stick with Android. After all, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has been a commercial success, while the Galaxy Note 8 has attracted “record” UK sales according to the company.

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