Tech Quiz: How Well Do You Know Apple?

Are you an Apple fan? Then why not put your knowledge to the test!

Whether you love or loathe the iPhone, Apple is one of the most successful and richest technology companies around. 

Its innovation may no longer be ground-breaking and it no longer has the visionary Steve jobs at the helm, but Apple still remains a company that has enormous influence over the technology world and pretty much the world in general. 

Apple quiz 

Apple ipadWith WWDC 2017 having showcased latest versions of macOS and iOS, we felt it was time to give our Apple quiz a good update. After all, Tim Cook and his gang at Cupertino are still definitely worth keeping an eye on given they are always rumoured to be working on something noteworthy. 

So take a look at our informative articles then go ahead an put your knowledge to the test with out latest Apple quiz

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