Huawei Expects ‘Superphone’ To Replace Smartphone In 2020

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Huawei says superphone will blur the lines between physical and digital worlds

Huawei believes the end of the decade will herald a new generation of mobile phone known as the ‘superphone’, accompanying the arrival of 5G networks, which could be commercially available by 2020.

The Chinese manufacturer says each generation of device has a twelve year lifespan, with the era of the smartphone starting in 2007 with the launch of the first iPhone and Android device, which in turn marked the conclusion of the feature phone era initiated by Motorola in 1995.

It is unclear what Huawei thinks will distinguish the superphone from its predecessors other than that it will blur the lines between the physical and digital world. Presumably this means it will be able to support virtual reality applications enabled by 5G and iterations of 4G.

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Rise of the superphone

Huawei MBBF (3)5G is expected to offer significant speed, capacity and latency improvements over LTE, powering the Internet of Things, mission critical applications and new types of mobile software. Some current network technologies aren’t supported by commercially available handsets just yet, so Huawei will be keen to ensure future devices can support its innovations so operators by more equipment.

The Shenzhen-based firm also makes its own smartphones, under its own brand and the Honor moniker, and is now the third largest maker of mobile devices in the world.

“The intelligence of the ‘Superphone’ will continue to evolve and develop itself into digital intelligence, capable of empowering us with interactions with the world,” Shao Yang, president of strategy marketing at Huawei’s consumer business group. “Through evolution and adaptation, the ‘Superphone’ will be more intelligent, enhancing and even transforming our perceptions, enabling humans to go further than ever before.”

“Our concept of the ‘Superphone’ opens a dimension of infinite possibilities. Through continued aggressive investments in R&D coupled with the brightest technical minds and talent, we are poised to create technology that will serve and empower mankind.”

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