Twitter Blames Internal Change For Outage

Inadvertent change to internal systems knocks micro-blogging platform Twitter offline for over several hours on Thursday evening

Twitter suffered a major outage for a couple of hours on Thursday evening, that affected thousands of users around the world.

Twitter blamed a, “inadvertent change” on its internal systems, and the micro-blogging platform was able to restore services in the early hours of Friday morning.

It comes after Twitter suffered a major hack of a range of high-profile accounts in July that saw people such as Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, as well as Barack Obama, promote a bitcoin scam.

Twitter outage

But now Twitter suffered an outage on Thursday.

According to the website, problems first began appearing on Thursday just before 10pm.

It said 55,000 people had been impacted by the outage.

The issue continued through to 1am on Friday morning, when the issues began to subside.

It seems that users around the world – including the UK, US, Japan, Australia, Argentina and France reported being unable to use the platform.

Twitter’s official status page said there was “no evidence this outage [was] caused by a security breach or hack. We’re currently investigating internal root causes.”

It had fully resolved the issue at 4am on Friday morning.

“Twitter has been down for many of you and we’re working to get it back up and running for everyone,” Twitter support tweeted.

“We had some trouble with our internal systems and don’t have any evidence of a security breach or hack.”