NXP Takes Contactless Payments Into The Home And Beyond

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NXP FTF: NXP says its first POS system will allow more companies to build contactless payments to tables, TVs and other devices

Semiconductor manufacturer NXP says its first certified Point of Sale (POS) system will allow more companies to accept contactless payments in more devices – not just in stores, but in the home too.

The system could be included in smart TVs, remote controls and set top boxes for example, or on tables in a restaurant. Not just card would be accepted, but NFC-compatible devices and digital wallets like Apple Pay and Android Pay.

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Touch and pay

Point of Sale (POS) Reader Solution“We have worked with a broad base of customers during the development of the POS reader solution platform and expect to see a wide range of end products based on this secure payment solution,” said Rudy Stroh, NXP’s head of security and connectivity said at the NXP FTF event in Austin.

“It pushes the doors wide open to those looking to embrace market opportunities, where non-traditional payment form factors and innovative use cases are allowing new business models for payments to emerge.”

The service is available now to NXP customers, and will begin shipping to new customers later this year.

Recent figures from Visa Europe found that British consumers are the biggest users of contactless payments in Europe, after transactions in the UK rose by 300 percent in the past year.

More than 153 million contactless transactions were recorded in Britain during the twelve months leading up to April 2016, up from 51 million in the previous year, the company found

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