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Google Pay Migrates To Desktops and iOS Devices

Google has migrated its Google Pay payment service to Apple iOS devices, as it seeks to save both time and money at the checkout.

The surprising development also sees Google Pay arrive on desktop PCs for online shoppers as well.

Google Pay allows users to make transactions in ways that don’t necessarily involve a device, such as carrying out PayPal-like purchases on websites.

Apple Arrival

It has been a busy few months for Google Pay. In February this year Google had announced it was superseding its Android Pay service on mobile devices.

And prior to that it had consolidated Google Wallet and Android Pay under the Google Pay brand in January 2018.

But now Google has revealed that its payment service is jumping across to rival a platform, according to a blog posting by Gerardo Capiel, product management director at consumer payments.

Capiel said that Google Pay is now rolling out on the Web, and this development will bring Google Pay to desktops and iOS devices. However, Google still offers exclusive offers on Android devices.

“Months after it emerged as a unified payments platform – replacing Android Pay and Google Wallet, Google Pay is now rolling out on the Web for desktops and iOS devices,” wrote Capiel. “Google has also added the functionality to sync card details, letting users continue to make payments via Google Pay after moving from an Android device or a Chromebook to a desktop or an iPhone. In March, Google Assistant received an upgrade with a Google Pay integration that enabled users in the US to send and request money from their contacts directly using their voice.”

But the latest change will see Google Pay expand in scope.

Buy Button

“The payments platform already has Apple Pay and Samsung Pay as two key competitors,” wrote Capiel. “At the time of unifying the experience by replacing Android Pay and Google Wallet with Google Pay, Google hinted the debut of Google Pay on all its products, including Chrome. But now, the search giant has ultimately brought the “Buy with Google Pay” buttons to Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.”

“The credit or debit card added on one browser or device will also be available on other devices and will be associated with the user account,” wrote Capiel. “This means that if you’ve added a credit or debit card on Google Pay through Chrome browser, it will remain be associated to your Google account – no matter whether you will move to Safari or Firefox or use an iPhone or an Android device.”

He mention that Chrome users will benefit from autofill that lets Google Pay automatically fill in your billing, shipping, and payment info.

“If you’re using Google Pay on your Android device, the platform offers speedy checkout in convenience stores, grocery stores, and several places that accept contactless payments with compatible devices,” he wrote. “The Google Pay app for Android also gives access to exclusive offers and promotions. The offers are available in Australia, Canada, Poland, Russia, UK, and the US.”

Of course Google Pay will find itself up against the likes of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, which allow users to store information for making payments, loyalty schemes and transit networks in their mobile device and access those systems with the gadget’s contactless features, eliminating the need to juggle multiple cards.

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