Muse ‘Sensing Headband’ Will Help Your Find Inner Peace

muse headband

Seven sensors monitor brain activity to ensure you don’t overheat

Canadian company Interaxon has developed a wearable that can help monitor users’ health and everyday interactions.

The firm’s Muse headband uses a range of sensors, five on the forehead and two behind the ears, to detect and measure brain activity just as a heart monitor would measure your heart rate.

muse headbandTranquil

Resembling a pair of sporty sunglasses worn back to front, the device converts mental pulses into digital information, which can be accessed by users in an accompanying app, available on iOS, Android and Kindle devices.

These mental pulses are created by a series of training exercises accessed through the Muse Calm app, which aim to calm and focus the mind, which lets Muse help manage your stress levels, and then sent via Bluetooth to your device.

Interaxon says you can use Muse for as little as three minutes a day thanks to its guided session, with audio and visual feedback of your brain’s response produced in real time. Battery life is around five hours, with a rechargeable battery included.

What’s more, Muse will soon be coming to UK thanks to a new online store opening today, costing £238, with the company currently offering free shipping and postage as an introductory deal.

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