V1bes Wearable Looks To Your Finger To End Stress

v1bes stress ring

Ring sensor monitors three kinds of stress and can even check your brainwaves

Health-focused wearables have become extremely popular in recent months as manufacturers look to make the most out of their products, but many of them are bulky and intrusive.

This problem could now be solved thanks to V1bes, a Finnish start-up whose wearable looks to help users monitor and put an end to stress.

v1bes stress ringPut a ring on it

The company’s Ring stress detector fits into a ring-sized device designed to be easily worn and transported, sitting neatly on your finger to act as an EEG reader.

This monitors your heart rate to detect three kinds of stress – from your heart, your body, and from the environment around you, and will send an alert to your smartphone via an accompanying app if any of these reach a dangerous level.

Users can even hold the ring up to their forehead to measure brainwaves, which often provide a more comprehensive method of gaining accurate readings.

V1bes CEO and founder Gustaf Kranck says that the technology was designed to act as an alternative to cumbersome headband devices or wrist-worn heartrate scanners which are typically use for EEG and ECG scans, the latter of which can be thrown off by sweat, dirt or even hair.

The company hopes to start shipping the devices from September this year, costing $299, although early interest can be registered via Indiegogo, with pre-orders already being taken.

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