Tesla Issues Fourth Recall For Cybertruck

Most Cybertrucks in the United States are being recalled over problems with windshield wipers and exterior trim

Elon Musk’s Tesla is once again having to issue a recall for thousands of its slab-sided Cybertruck vehicles due to a couple of additional defects.

Reuters reported that the US safety regulator, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has said that Tesla has issued four recalls for it 2024 Cybertruck so far.

But now Tesla has to carry out a rare physical recall of the majority of its Cybertruck vehicles in the United States, rather than a more common over-the-air software update.

Tesla’s Cybertruck. Image credit: Tesla

Cybertruck recalls

This is now the second physical recall for the Cybertruck.

In April the US transport regulator had ordered Tesla to physically recall nearly 4,000 futuristic Cybertruck vehicles due to a defect that could cause the accelerator pedal to stick in place when pressed down with force.

Due to a manufacturing defect, the pad could have slipped off of the accelerator pedal and cause the pedal to become trapped by the interior trim, resulting in unintended acceleration.

Tesla’s solution was to install a rivet in the pad of the accelerator pedal, which entailed a physical recall, rather previous recalls that have been over-the-air software updates.

But now Tesla is going to have recall more than 11,000 Cybertrucks, although the firm has yet to disclose how many it has handed over to consumers in its quarterly deliveries and production report.

The latest issue concerns windshield wiper, which will see 11,688 Cybertrucks from the 2024 model year recalled.

The problem for the Cybertruck’s very large windshield wiper concerns failures with the wiper motor controller due to excessive electrical current.

Non-functioning wipers could increase the risk of a crash in wet weather and the wiper recall covers all trucks built through 6 June 2024.

Tesla will replace the wiper motor.

Separately, Tesla is also recalling 11,383 Cybertrucks because the trunk bed trim sail applique could have been improperly attached, which could result in it becoming loose and thus creating a road hazard.

Tesla's Cybertruck. Image credit: Tesla
Tesla’s Cybertruck. Image credit: Tesla

This was reportedly down to the improper installation of the applique or adhesive.

Tesla engineers will apply an adhesion promoter and pressure-sensitive tape or replace the missing trim free of charge for affected vehicles.

Recalls and delays

The recalls are the latest setback for the futuristic truck, whose mass production is expected to start in 2025.

According to Reuters, Musk had said in October 2023 that Tesla was aiming to make 200,000 Cybertrucks annually.

Tesla had earlier said it had the capacity to make more than 125,000 Cybertrucks annually, with Musk adding there was potential to lift it to 250,000 in 2025.

Tesla had begun production of the Cybertruck, last year, after many years of delays, and finally began delivering the Cybertruck to customers in November 2023.

Chief executive Elon Musk had showed off a prototype of the angular vehicle at a launch event back in 2019, during which the supposedly unbreakable windows were broken with a heavy metal ball.

cybertruck, tesla

Production and delivery for the Cybertruck was originally scheduled for 2021, but the company pushed the date back many times citing supply chain issues.